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[email protected] Bridge (sports City )

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by ash42, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. ash42

    ash42 New Member

    Has Any Body Bought A Unit In This Project Either Solo Or The Bridge Residential
    Unit. Developers Are The First Group.
  2. mayank

    mayank New Member

    Hi ash42,
    I have invested a unit in the Bridge residential in Dubai... anything you wanna know about them ?
  3. ash42

    ash42 New Member

    the bridge

    hi mayank,do you know when they are starting the building work on the bridge development, or any other updates , what do you think of the development ? do you live in Dubai ?,which floor have you got the unit on .thanks
  4. garbologist

    garbologist New Member

    I bought one of these at The Bridge, Dubai Sports City, developed by the First Group. For personal reasons it is now for sale Buy my 40% share and lock in the remainder of the payments at 2007 off-plan prices. You can contact me through my blog - "The Loneliest Jukebox", google it, for more details.
  5. aderl

    aderl New Member

    The Bridge request for more details


    Please send me a PM with more details if you are really interested in selling your property.

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