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Solitaire, al reeem island, abu dhabi

Discussion in 'UAE Property' started by chuckday, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. chuckday

    chuckday New Member


    Does anyone else have a flat in Solitaire - I have one but am hearing rumours of delays and cancellations etc.

    Any idea where we stand with payments (I've paid 35% with another 10% due in March) but Damac haven't even been given the land yet!) cash flow is tight, any ideas on an exit strategy ?

    also, what do think Solitaire flats would sell at ?

    any advice would be really useful

  2. Hussein Awadh

    Hussein Awadh New Member


    DAMAC is not cancelling any projects. Please follow this link. You will read that no project is being cancelled. Priorities have changed due to the market situation but that's all.

    The best option imho, if you don't want to cancel, would be to transfer to another unit in Abudhabi, namely Harbour Heights or Oceanscape, as these are due end of next year and construction is in progress. This means that you will have a ready unit for your own use, or to rent out sooner and make an earlier profit.

    Otherwise all you can do is forfeit or wait.
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