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    USA Company Cheated by Abu Dhabi (UAE) Based Company
    We want to share this story to spread the awareness and warm those people who are currently doing any business in UAE or making efforts to start a new business/company in UAE.
    Before anyone start doing any business with any of the company in UAE, they should read our experience of doing business with a UAE company. We are currently facing many issues and challenges to recover our money and business even after having the legal documentation, contract and various proof to support our claim.
    Even after having the legal agreement, they gainfully employed our employees who are on different assignment on UAE, taken over our proprietary software, and still making unauthorized use of our intellectual property.
    We, are a USA based C-type Corporation, registered since 2004 in the USA, and paying taxes and contributing to the growth of the country. We are in the healthcare sphere where we provide health care audits, revenue collection management, coding, transcription, and information systems related services to the healthcare industry.
    On 14/05/2010, we entered into a channel partner agreement with M/s United American Medical Supplies (UMED) with principal business operations at M03, Mezzanine Floor, Jet Air Cargo Building, Khalidiya Street, Abu Dhabi Landmark: Behind Choithram Supermarket Zip Code: 7020 City of Abu Dhabi, UAE United Arab Emirates.
    Mr. Matar Moh’d Ali Obaid Al Mheiri (Chairman & Director) of United American Medical Supplies (UMED), Abu Dhabi cheated with our company and made default and fraud in the financial transaction between two companies. He further breached the channel partner agreement and gainfully employed many of our employees deputed to UAE on various work assignments. He is also the Owner and Chairman of “Golden Standards Recruitment Services Abu Dhabi”, (UAE) and currently supplying manpower to various government and non-governments projects.
    From time to time, we deputed its several employees to M/s UMED working place to rendered M/s UMED services owing to the Channel Partner Agreement and for the conclusion of the work assigned to them. The employees and M/s UMED were legally bound to adhere the channel partner agreement and cannot violate any terms and conditions set forth in the agreement which was signed by both parties.
    Many of our employees resigned from the employment from our company, and immediately joined M/s UMED. As per contract, any employee of we can’t join any of the clients or partners, also M/s UMED can’t hire them for a period of two years immediately following the end of employment term with us. Many employees still gainfully working with M/s UMED. The incident of gainfully hiring our employees has caused a great financial loss and mental agony to us.
    M/s UMED didn’t stop at this point and gained the access to our company intellectual property through gainfully employing our employees. M/s UMED made unauthorized use of our intellectual property on various occasions and still keep on following the same practice. For the reason of such omission and commission, we suffered extreme financial losses which M/s UMED are liable to repay to us.
    M/s UMED made several payment defaults and started controlling over the gain of the business that we are deriving from customers based in UAE. We were cheated by Mr. Matar Moh’d Ali Obaid Al Mheiri (Chairman & Director) of United American Medical Supplies (UMED), Abu Dhabi on payment defaults and control over the business gain for AED 3.31 Million in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    After making the multiple commitment on various dates to transfer the money, UMED did not transfer the money until date. Now, they are not answering our calls, emails and any request to transfer the money. In terribly clear words, UMED cheated our company and currently don’t have any intention to transfer money or to repay us for the financial losses.
    We can offer all documentation, agreement, client testimony, records of the amount paid on various occasions for the visa, travelling, loading & boarding, local transportation for our company and UMED employees. We are able to additionally offer the evidence of amount transfer to our company by UMED in the past years.
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    You are not the first and you wont be the last company to come out on the wrong end of a deal in the UAE. I fear that it may be a long journey through the courts. This is one reason why investors need to think very hard before dealing in markets they are not familiar with. In this instance even a legal document does not appear to have been worth the paper it was written on.
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    I think everyone should do their research before investing in the UAE, they have different law system and for expats the chances to winning a law suit are very slim.
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    Correct, despite the fact that the UAE attracts billions of dollars in real estate investment each year the level of legal protection for foreign investors is extremely low. The only real way to protect your investment is to deal with a reputable local company but as this thread suggests, even that is not without risk. Potential is all good and well but if you are not able to realise this potential, it is not worth the risk.
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    Social media is a really good way to get your business known about, it is free to use depending on the account you choose.
  6. Social media is an area of the internet which cannot be easily censored and can spread news like wild fire. However, fake news can be a problem!

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