So I want to move to Spain, Where do I go?

Discussion in 'Spanish property' started by Angus Macguyver, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Angus Macguyver

    Angus Macguyver New Member

  2. Erik C.

    Erik C. New Member

    Two small towns that fit your requirements, close to the sea, semi rural, access to golf, good climate, infrastructure, and close to an international airport.
  3. MariaReyna

    MariaReyna New Member

    I am gonna reccomend you Nerja in Málaga, very touristic during the summer but you can live in the mountains, with very nice views, no crime, close to the beach...lovely place! Or La Herradura as well, in Almuñecar, Granada.

    I agree with Eric in Casares and Benahavis. Small tows in Málaga are better than bigger ones like Marbella or Torremolinos.
  4. simonbrew

    simonbrew New Member

    Andalucia wins my vote, somewhere 30-50km inland from Malaga, Mijas, Marbella, Estepona. I admit I'm biased as a have a villa there on a golf course (& no, it's not for sale!).
    Lots of sunshine but generally not as hot as Greece, VERY friendly people who are astonishingly tolerant of the large number of (mainly British) foreigners in their midst. But it's easy to escape from Brits as soon as you go inland.
    Good luck let us know how it goes.
  5. Marky1

    Marky1 New Member

    Come to Murcia or South Costa Blanca

    Hi Angus,

    Here is a place for fantastic investment and there are a large number of different properties available. Property prices will increase soon in this area though due to the second largest theme park being built in the area. There is also a brand new International airport and the largest shopping mall in Europe being built in the vicinity.

    If you are coming here to settle, you will know at least that your property will increase in value.
  6. michaelbush

    michaelbush New Member

    I would agree with those who recommend Costa Blanca, but the north part is much better than the south Costa Blanca (eg Torrevieja/Murcia zone). In the north there are many small villages with mountains and quality living, yet close enough to good beaches. Try researching in Jalon Valley, Orba, Pego, Els Poblets, Pedreguer, Parcent, Alcalali, Ondara etc, where there will be some great opportunities to buy or rent homes. It is, for sure, a good idea to rent for a period so you know you like Spain first.
  7. BuyinSpain

    BuyinSpain New Member

    Costa Blanca all the way

    The Costa Blanca is wonderful and diverse place to live. With its beaches and mountains within easy driving distance I have the best of both worlds. My husband and I moved to Spain last June with a car and one dog, and we have not regretted it for one day. We live in a town called Almoradi which is located just inland from Guardamar del Segura and the Costa Blanca coastline. That said there are many beautiful towns and villages in Costa Blanca. The best thing to do is come out for a holiday, hire a car and have an explore.

    Good Luck!
  8. whiteknight

    whiteknight New Member

    Hi Angus, another place to check out is the Guadalhorce valley in the Costa del Sol. You are inland and surrounded by Mountains (but not close enough to shield you from the sun), only 20 minutes to the best beaches and Chiringuito restaurants, 20 minutes to the Airport and for a little culture 20 minutes to Malaga or 30 minutes to Marbella. I spend 6 months going up and down the coast of southern Spain but fell in love with this valley, and was lucky enough to find a decent plot of 12,000 m2 which allowed me to build a house. I have never had any security issues, or felt worried and my nearest neighbours are 800 metres away. However it is not possible to build on agricultural land at the present time and many thousands of properties that have been built in the last 7 or 8 years are illegal in one way or another. You have to be careful and check with the townhalls, rather than rely on just a lawyer doing this for you and prices in general are 35% to 50% down compared to the boom time. Having said this a good 3 bed 2 bath 150m2 property on a plot of say 10,000m2 would sell for about 240,000 euros and although this is the market price for now I honestly think we have another 15% to drop this year. If it is just a situation for buying on price then I would suggest you look in the Costa Blanca as the prices are much lower, however if you visit both areas then you will see why I chose this place. Good luck
  9. Journey Girl

    Journey Girl New Member

    Go North!!

    Hi there,

    I think Galicia is a good choice, but would also recommend Asturias. In Eastern Asturias you have charming Spanish fishing towns (busy with Spanish tourists in Summer), but the small surrounding villages would offer you peace and tranquillity. For example, Llanes is a popular town and also a municipality. Within it's municipality there are some 30 amazing beaches, then inland you have quaint villages such as Porrua, and you are also only 30 minutes drive from the incredible Picos De Europa. The weather is not guaranteed, which is part of the reason it has remained traditional, it is the Costa Verde after all, but in 8 years of holidaying there, we only had one holiday that it completely misted or rained. I have never swum in beaches like these where it's sunny and 25 at the beach but you can see mists and rains on the mountains while you are swimming! I suggest reading Asturias Guide (in English) or the official Llanes site.

    Good luck with wherever you choose... if work wasn't a problem, we would be living in Asturias now (an itchy footed Aussie Gal and corporate Englishman)

  10. SaburovDesign

    SaburovDesign New Member

    Yes, the Costa Blanca seems to be one of the most quiet regions for living, several companieros with families moved there and enjoy living. I know that there is Russian community in Torrevieja, very big and it is called the capital of russian spain. That's funny, but occasionally I was there while on vacation, its true, even shops and cafe with personal speaking native language fluent because their head is russian. I was in Torreveja because its largest yachting marina and from the year 2012 as I aws informed the Volvo Ocean Race is starting from that city. That south region is very mild at climate at summer and foreigners friendly.
  11. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Huercal Overa, Almeria

    After 14 years of living and working on the Costa del Sol I have been running my company in Egypt for four years but have recently relocated back to a small pueblo close to Huercval Overa.

    We absolutely love it here, the town is spotlessly clean and very Spanish and the local council positively discriminate against fast food chains so that all of the bars and restaurants are locally run and offer a true taste of Spain.

    Some of the villages nearby have a high proportion of British residents but the town of Huercal itself seems to have attracted ex pats who have been here for many years, who have learned Spanish and have totally bilingual kids in the local schools.

    Its a strong local community and has one of the best hospitals in Europe, which is what attracted us. Can definitely recommend it.
  12. Maria2

    Maria2 Active Member

    where can we live amongst local people

    Now that prices continue moving downwards, we're reconsidering buying in a coastal town either at the Costa Blanca or further south. Possibly less than 40 km from an international airport.

    We are not really interested in book clubs, Sherry at 11am or golf. So definitely not these 'from 180.000 now for 69.000' units in projects on golf courses, where only 15% of the owners actually live there, HOA have financial problems and you need a car to leave the 'compound'.

    Instead of these frugly modern rental resorts around a 'child-friendly' pool, we would prefer to live amongst the local people, in an old townhouse, or in apartment in an historical building. One of those on a quiet square, or tree-lined avenue in the old center.
    Or overlooking a beach.
    It could even be an industrial building we could share with friends. Fixing-up is no problem.
    We don't mind tourists, but we just don't want to live in a tourist ghetto where our neighbours change every 2 weeks.

    Any suggestions?
  13. halley decosta

    halley decosta New Member

    According to me Javea is the nice place to live because there you will find various options for renting or buying a property.It is said there is lots of struggle in spain but thinks are getting changed, you will get further & more better future options which should be very helpful for you and your family.
  14. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    The 'old town' of Huercal Overa would suit you perfectly or the seaside town of San Juan de los Terreros which is about 30 minutes away.

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