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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by iain, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. iain

    iain New Member

    I have been wondering whether to buy new snorkelling gear in Uk or Sharm. When I went last Jan we hired equipment for a day and I was quite impressed with the quality of the equipment and even the range - as they had a wetsuit that would fit me!

    It is no doubt easier to buy in UK (from a practical point of view) but can anybody say how prices and quality compare?

    Also I had thought it would be good to leave some basic masks and snorkels in the appt (when we get into it) to save carting them back and forward to UK.

    Will the stay in reasonable condition or will the rubber etc deteriorate quickly in the heat?

    Any advice from seasonned snorkellers or divers appreciated.

  2. scubadoo

    scubadoo New Member

    Hi Iain

    Personally I would buy in the Uk as you will sure to get a much better choice of equipment and it may even work out cheaper. Try your local dive shop and I am sure they will be very helpful and informative on the kit that will suit you.

    I would not buy on the internet as you really need to try the kit for size, masks especially are very personal to the individual it does not mean that because it is expensive it will be good for you!

    As for storing the kit this will not be problem as long as you dry everything completely prior to storing and that the storage is out of direct sunlight.

    I hope this helps.
  3. iain

    iain New Member

    Thanks Scubadoo, I'll go shopping!
  4. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Iain we bought 2 new sets of masks and snorkels from a sports shop in the UK last month. We have left them in the apartment in one of the cupboards so hopefully will be fine.

    There is a workshop at Rowaysat that repairs dive gear and Im sure they supply as well which will be alot cheaper than shops etc in Sharm.

    Im looking at booking a Padi course for Amy for next month when in Sharm so for all you dive experts do you know what price I can expect to pay - I know it will be around £250 ish. Can anyone recommend someone / dive school that they use / have used who dont take advantage of tourists where we can get a reasonable price as investors??

    Thanks in advance and sorry to hijack your thread Iain xx
  5. iain

    iain New Member

    Hi Alison - not hijacking the thread at all - I think we could all do with a bit more info from experienced divers/snorkelers, it is after all a major activity for tourists.

    I think it would be good to have first hand advice from anyone in this forum, even though there's lots of info around the internet.

    My boys may well fancy the idea of a diving course and it is an area where I want to be 100% confident of the operators.
  6. scubadoo

    scubadoo New Member

    Hi Queenie,

    The Red Sea is the ideal place for anyone to learn to dive, I have dived out of Sharm on several occassions and have only dived with 2 companies. I have friends who have dived with others and the best we have come acrossed is Sinai Divers. You will find that the standards set out by Sinai are extremely high and they have the benefit of having their own house reef in Naama Bay, you kit up in their centre and just walk down the beach and into the sea.

    I must say their house reef is exceptional with turtles, rays, barracuda and lion fish as well as the usual reef fish. When I get time I will upload some pictures that I have taken on their house reef.

    As for price if you look at around £250, you will not be too far out. remember though there is quita a lot of book work to be done and you have to complete 5 confined water dives (usually swimming pool) prior to doing your 4 open water dives to qualify. Have you given any thought into doing you confined water dives and paperwork here in the UK, Egypt will just be diving then.

    Hope this information helps and if you need anything else then just ask.

  7. Odd-bod

    Odd-bod New Member

    Hi Queenie,

    I have done most of my diving in Scotland, but I like to break out into the warmer waters on occassion I find it very amusing in Sharm because I look like a wee fat middle-aged woman & get treated like a paddle would be too much for me- then I show my log book....
    I've dived with a few companies- relatively often & I've never had/seen any major problems - Emporer & I think ?Royal.
    EXCEPT when I went on a course once - the advanced PADI- because my friends were going & I thought it would be fun (and I had nobody to dive with)- and THAT was dire becuase of faulty eqipment & the instructor- she was Italian but the problem was not the language but the attitude/ cultural difference. This was a reputable company- Camel. (1 day when we have a drink in our hand I'll tell you about us fighting at 18m underwater!) The moral of this story isn't to scare your children away from Camel but since you are there anyway you can speak to the leader of the course & get a 'feel' wether you trust them or not- if you don't trust who you learn to dive with and feel you are safe it'll put you off.
    I agree with 'scubadoo' Definitely do the homework & pool dives at home in the UK while its cold & raining & then get the best of the open water diving in Sharm.
    Price-wise you'll get a better deal off- season when its quieter, jan-March but the sea is that much colder if you are used to the heat- I'm not so I'm happy.
    Hope this helps-
    Oh and Ian- you should also steep your kit in fresh water for a time after diving- the salt is not good for it. If you are an occassional user you need a good fit but not the 'top of the range' and finally if you are renting out your flat I would not leave the equipment out for general use.

  8. r0ckcrew

    r0ckcrew New Member

    Hi Queenie,

    I have used Emperor Divers / Tekstreme both at Sharm and Hurghada. Their standards of Instruction and equipment is first class.

    Hope this helps

  9. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Thankyou all very much for your recommendations and advise which is crucial for us non divers. Amy done her 1st trial dive with Colona who were very good and the dive master was English and a retired policeman and she had every confidence in him. The 2nd - cant remember the name but I wasnt so confident because of the language barrier and I did nothing but worry all the time she was below the surface. It is a horrible feeling watching your youngest disappear knowing that their safety is someone elses hands and you are pretty much helpless.

    We have considered doing the majority of it here and had looked at a centre not too far from where we live. But as this trip it is just the 3 of us we thought it would keep her occupied in the daytime and give her something to do.

    I will avoid Camel Audrey and look forward to the story over a few cold Sakarras!

    Thanks again all and as Iain says we need all the advise, help and info as this cannot be taken lightly xxx
  10. Rayman

    Rayman New Member

    I can personally recommend Duncan at Red Sea College in N'aama. He is was fantastic with my then 13 year old son. He was able to provide one on one tuition tailored to his needs and was extreemely patient. The house reef was fantastic and he got to do and see so much. If you need his contact details then PM me and I'll put him in touch.

    For anyone wanting to dive with their buddy then I can recommend shore dives off the beach in Montazah just next to the Melia Sinai. Its easy to access, free and a fantastic reef!
  11. CMChris

    CMChris New Member

    Taken from Sport Diver<<<< Snorkelling made safer.
    PADI has joined forces with the Chamber of Diving and Watersports (CDWS) in Egypt to develop a Snorkel Guide training programme.
    The snorkel guide training programme was launched through presentations in Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada. This new professional rating will ensure that all snorkel guides are trained in First Aid/CPR, and have knowledge of the local environment, together with relevant safety and rescue skills. Elements of the training will also ensure that supervision and environmental cinsiderations are a high priority.
    The CDWS will continue to develop relationships with major training agencies to maintain and improve the quality of diving and watersports in Egypt.
  12. nagalka

    nagalka New Member

    Special offer from Millennium Divers and use of 5* Crowne Plaza - Sharm

    Initially negotiated for Sierra owners at Nabq only, but open to absolutely anybody staying over in to know the guys there from staying at the Crowne Plaza over New Year 2008 - returned this year when sorting out handover on Sierra. This is the deal:

    - pickup to and from choice of destination within Sharm to the Crowne Plaza
    - 20% reduction on standard pricelist for Millennium Divers all diving and equipment costs including day boats
    - Free use of pools and beachside facilities for divers (obviously have to pay for all food, drinks etc)
    - Nominal fee of 30LE for non divers to use Crowne Plaza facilities

    The Crowne Plaza is in a great spot just north of Naama Bay - adjacent the Garden Reef - which for a house reef is 2nd to none (where the whale sharks were last year). Also do day boats to Tiran, Ras Mohammed and Thistlegorm.

    For you cynics, there is nothing in this for me - it meant that we could stay at Sierra, and spend the day on a 5* resort with tremendous diving - without paying the 5* overnight charges, and get a taxi there and back.

    If you need contact details please ask.

    Hope this is of interest. :)


  13. samui13

    samui13 New Member

    He is a friend of mine Alison, if you want his contact details let me know.


    Oh and he only lives next door to Sierra
  14. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Stew we met him round Clares for her birthday x
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