Snag list examples



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Those who have acquired a new property will be well aware of what a snag list entails and how important it is to complete as quickly as possible. There are many companies that will assist you with putting together a snag list so that you can approach the builder who built your property and ensure that any defects and issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

The kind of issues which often arise include damage to surfaces, substandard workmanship such as incorrectly fitted hinges, doors which do not close properly, skirting boards which do not match up as well as incorrect materials used for specific jobs. It is vital that you do not miss out any issues when putting together your snag list because the longer you leave it to go back to the builder to rectify, the less chance of them completing the corrections.

What other snagging issues have you come across?


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We recently moved into a new build property and found the toilets blocked from construction material being put down them during the build!