Small patch of land no one seems to own



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Hi have bought and moved into my property in 2017. It is one of three properties that share a single entrance, but we all three have our own drives. My drive is directly attached to the communal entrance and to the side of the entrance (directly opposite the house) is a small patch of land that is not in either of three properties ownership (no idea whose, rumour has it remains with the original developers).

The patch of land is overgrown with wild plants and shrubs and looks like an eyesore. Due to the busy main road and occasional inability to view the road when pulling out, I have been maintaining the overgrowth to ensure safety, and overgrowth inside the drive to prevent scratching on our vehicles as we drive past the patch.

How do I go about finding out who the owner is? How do I discuss potentially buying the patch of land so that I can officially look after the area and even make some practical use of it? Any idea of cost involved? I live in Nottingham and my council is Broxtowe. Many thanks in advance