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Small apartment in Saxony

Discussion in 'German Property' started by Cesar, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    Hello folks,

    I'm thinking of buying a small apartment in Saxony region.
    I just need something to spend a week or maybe two a year, so I decided to choose a humble but decent one of around 15.000 euro.
    It's not for investing neither for business, just for a couple to spend short holidays.
    I saw a lot of apartments in immobilienscout24 but as I have no experience in buying abroad so I some advice and help.
    My 1st doubt is how much would it cost monthly or per year, for example to pay the municipality taxes, to have water and electricity available for example.
    My 2nd doubt is how much do I need to spend on notary and agency comissions, and what other expenses do I need to be prepared for?
    I appreciate any advice or warnings you may suggest. Thanks in advance.
  2. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Fancy sharing in a small block with me with a flat for our use and the remainder rented out near Dresden?
    I know the area well and have the same sort of requirements as you and would be willing to pool with you. I already have properties in Germany and have the know how.
  3. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    Hi teepeeseller !!

    Could you help me with some flat for 15.000€ ?
    I'm interested in Zwickau, Leipzig or even Altenburg.
    Many thanks.
  4. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    I probably can Cesar. Unfortunately I am off to Portugal for a holiday tomorrow and I'll be back ready to work in about ten days. If you could leave a contact nr or e-mail I'll contact you when I return. Before I can help you I must get more information from you to do the job correctly.

    Is there a particular reason you have chosen those 3 locations?

    Leipzig is exciting and Altenburg very pretty but very sleepy they are absolutely opposites.

    How much research have you done in these 3 areas?

    Leipzig is the better investment opportunity but like I said I need more information to do my job correctly.
  5. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    WOW !! That sounds great, in fact I'm from Lisbon but living in Girona-Catalonia.
    I hope you enjoy Portugal (dunno if it's your 1st time there).
    Well anyway, I can wait because I'm not in a hurry, I believe I cannot purchase anything in Germany until April or May 2009 so I have time to check it well and finally take my decision.
    I was 1 week in Leipzig last summer and I really enjoy it, also I was in Altenburg and it's exactly like you said, really sleepy.
    Altenburg is losing population but there is something really important, the airport connects the town with Girona (ryanair) 3 times a week.
    I also liked Zwickau and it's near the Altenburg airport, well connected by train and bus (40 min).
    I can give you my e-mail address but I don't know how to send you a private message in this forum ... anyway, write me here when you can, don't worry.

  6. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    Don't get too excited Cesar! We haven't found anything yet.
    I guess it's okay to post your e-mail address here so go ahead.
    I'll contact you on my return.
    There is something you must be careful of Cesar. The Ryanair flights to Girona are a deciding factor in what you are looking for. What if they stop flying there? Are you still going to want an apartment there? Ryanair have changed their minds on their destinations many times and left people like you with a property that suddenly is very difficult to get to. I have flown into Altenburg many times and you can see very easily it is not a permanent destination for Ryanair - you must consider this.
    Will you be keeping a car in Germany? This could be important in making your choice as you may need to rely on public transport (In Germany public transport is excellent but can still put a lot of time on your journey)
    We'll talk more once I have your e-mail
    My last trip to Portugal we stayed in Cascais - lovely area and a wonderful base to tour Lisbon/Sintra and the central coast. Portugal is beautiful and we find the people most hospitable. This time we are going to the central Algarve - my first time in this area, I just want to eat fresh sea food on an open terrace and forget about the world.
    Take care.
  7. neustria

    neustria New Member

    The Ryanair flights to Girona are a deciding factor in what you are looking for. What if they stop flying there? Are you still going to want an apartment there? Ryanair have changed their minds on their destinations many times and left people like you with a property that suddenly is very difficult to get to.
    Good point. A rail link is pretty permanent. When an air route begins losing money, it can be eliminated. Do indeed be careful about this. It could be crucial.
  8. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    Hi teepeeseller,

    Hope u had a nice time in my country.
    If u wanna contact me and talk about Sachsen apartments, please my e-mail address is ce3ap(at)
    Hope to hear from u soon.
    Kind regards,
  9. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    As far as I can see in immo24 website, the apartments are mostly rented.
    My question is if you buy one of them, how many years do I need to have it rented to the same person? Can I quit the renting contract anytime (if I wish)?
    Mr.Teepeeseller, please contact me because I need some help. :D
    Thank you all, regards.
  10. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    It is difficult in Germany to evict tenants. They are protected by law.
    If the apartment you want to buy is for your own use only please do not buy one which is Vermeitet. There are many apartments for sale on those site - you need to search for them using the right criterion. I will e-mail you with some useful websites and a couple of examples of what is on sale from local agents.
    You must be clear in your mind what type of property you want, where you want it and why you want and also how much you are prepared to pay. In Germany you must allow about 10% for the various charges on top of the purchase price -YOU MUST HAGGLE ON THE PRICE IF THEY WILL NOT MOVE A LITTLE LOWER THEN LOOK FOR ANOTHER PROPERTY - THIS IS IMPORTANT - NEVER LET AN AGENT FEEL YOU ARE DESPARATE FOR THE BUY.
  11. Cesar

    Cesar New Member

    Ok teepeeseller, thank you once again. Hope to hear you soon with that useful help.
    Let me tell you the places I'm looking for :
    Leipzig city - It will be amazing but I believe it will be imposible to find something for the money that I'm prepared to pay. :rolleyes:
    Halle, Zwickau or even Chemnitz are more than fine for me !! ;)
    If it can't be in one of these cities, for example in the suburbs of Zwickau there are 3 or 4 places ok too.
    The airports I use are Altenburg (from Girona) and Halle/Leipzig (from Barcelona).
    I'm looking for an apartment in normal conditions to live, with a working kitchen and the size it can be something starting from 25m2.
    I will not stay more than a week or 2 in a year and we are a couple.
    I believe (with the prices still dropping) I can find something for 15.000 euro.
    What do you think? Kind regards,

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