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Situation of Badrah Nakheel

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Dubai_One, Dec 31, 2008.

  1. Dubai_One

    Dubai_One New Member

    Hello guys
    A lot of people bough in Badrah Phase 1 and because there was a lot of disappointed people because they didn't get any Nakheel released Phase II the following month
    which mean 2000 People bough in Badrah
    with the financial crisis my question is
    Where does Badrah situated in this crisis
    any body who bought do you advice him to sell or hold
    and is it worthy to buy in badrah for distressed sellers
    Waiting your precious contribution
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  2. azeemi

    azeemi New Member

    In these situations I personally think take it and consider it long time investments.
    don't try to take decision just wait for right time.
  3. imrane

    imrane New Member

    well in case you make up your mind to go for it.. i have my 2 apartments im willing to part with for 150k. Next installment is in june , if i wasnt leaving for australia , i would keep it... but since i am , im willing to sell it for a loss
  4. Dubai_One

    Dubai_One New Member

    The thing is I don't see distress sellers in and no much advertisement in GN for sellers, specially phase I who are having very tight payment plan every 3 months for an early completion predicted by the end of this year, I mean in such critical situation where are the buyers of Badrah, did they abandoned their apartment did they walked away leaving their 10 % or 20 % if they payed so,
    If you see Al furjan, it's shaking
    Jumeirah park is shaking as well
    But what about Badrah ?
    One million question :confused:
  5. SKY

    SKY New Member


    I got apartments in badrah and just paying the fees. As completion is december, i hope. I dont think they are doing extensions for phase 1.

    I think if they were going to delay they would have given extension, who knows.

    What makes u think farjan is shaking? i have something their 2 and just paid the next 10%. I really think farjan is going be excellent development, im phase 2 there.

    some people may not keep on with their payments but i do think they complete phase 1 of badrah for sure.

    If the big developers start to cancel projects 10 months from completion, i think that will cast major negative feelings abt dubai and investors will lose complete confidence.
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