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    Did you know that you can buy the perfect overseas property investment with
    your pension and take advantage of huge tax advantages available NOW.

    Investing in properties has never been easier and now you can fund your
    purchase through your pension using a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension)
    or FPT (Family Pension Trust). This not only offers incredible tax
    advantages but also puts you in control of how your pension is invested for
    the future.

    And the process is much easier than you may think! We have partnered with
    the UK’s leading pension and investment experts to give you the independent
    professional advice you need and to help guide you through your options.
    They will deal with transferring any “frozen” pensions from previous
    employment or businesses and/or funds from other personal pensions. All you
    have to do is select the property you want in your pension fund.

    Contributions into a SIPP attract relief at an individual’s highest rate of
    tax. So, for a higher rate taxpayer, putting £60,000 into their fund would
    give buying power of £100,000 to invest in a prime resort property.

    It is also possible to borrow additional funds against the value of your
    SIPP or FPT. As much as 50% of the value of a SIPP/FPT can be borrowed to
    increase the overall fund for property investment. So, as an example, a fund
    that has a value of £150,000 can be increased by 50% or £75,000 to make a
    total fund of £225,000 available to invest in property.

    And the good news doesn’t end there as the property purchased by your
    pension will benefit from future capital growth and rental income from
    participation in Hotel Managed Rental scheme. This is the easy way of
    putting your property in the experienced and professional hands of our five
    star hotel partner and world-leading resort operator.

    To find out more about investing in property through a Self Invested
    Personal Pension or Family Pension Trust get in touch with us.

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