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Signing the deed of a new home can be done by Internet.

Discussion in 'Brazil Property' started by jonathanlondres, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. jonathanlondres

    jonathanlondres New Member

    INFO Online - SP adota certificação digital para imóveis - (25/06/2007)

    If you dont know portuguese:confused: No problems...there it go in english.

    The Recorders Association of Real Estate of São Paulo (Arisp) was the first entity cartorial the country to use the digital certificates for services rendered.

    Now, contracts, deeds and real estate attorney in the city of Sao Paulo may already be signed digitally on the Internet. The law ensures that the digital certificate has the same validity of signatures on documents the paper.

    In the last week was signed by entities representing the cartórios, an agreement with the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI) for the massive digital certification services in the issuing and authentication of documents.

    The president of Arisp, Flauzilino dos Santos, explained that the digital certificate has unbureaucratic some legal services. "The registers of buildings in Sao Paulo have developed an application to facilitate the delivery of information that the bodies of the judiciary and public administration need to know about real estate," explained the chairman of the association Sao Paulo, Flauzilino dos Santos.

    "For example, someone is being investigated by prosecutors and there is a need to know whether a person has or had property. For this application, the authority accesses the system and get real-time information from any office of Sao Paulo in which the person has registered his property, "detailed Santos, who also highlighted the economy to the public coffers.

    The Institute of Real Estate Registry of Brazil reported that follow the example of Arisp and also use the digital certificate throughout the country. According to the chairman of Irib, Helvécio Castello, the system should start operating by the end of July.

    To register of buildings in the city of Sao Paulo through the Internet, the website of Arisp is:
  2. JMBroad

    JMBroad New Member

    And before ppl start complaining:

    Entity Cartorial = Notary

    Real Estate Attorney= Power of Attorney

    "certificate has unbureaucratic some legal services" = simplified some legal services

    Nice article, thanks... A bit old, but still interesting
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