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Show me the way to Alcantarilha, I`ll be waiting with your villa

Discussion in 'Portugal Property' started by lena green, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. lena green

    lena green New Member

    Morning all, there’s a lot being said about Portugal but it needs bringing up to date. I live here and, like most other countries hit by sub-prime, it’s slowing down. In a recent meeting with a dozen estate agents, they all cry the same tale of woe. ‘They are not coming thro the doors as fast now’.

    However, Oceanico who are opening the Amendoeira Golf Course (Google it) don’t appear to have the same problems, as they are 80% sold out on 500 properties so I hear. Their sales tactics are far more aggressive than the local agents who passively sit there and wait whilst Oceanico get off their backsides and do the worldwide property exhibitions…..good for them I say.!!
    Still, the Camaras are inundated with planning applications especially Silves Camara.

    What Portugal does has to offer is endless sunshine and mild winters, low cost living and helped by 35 golf courses, it has no shortage of golfers and holidaymakers and that’s where the buyers are.

    Right now Almancao do Pera is heaving with punters, beaches are busy and restaurants full most nights and days. Its only 2kms to the golf course of course. Land in the area is flying thro the roof and props are well priced. If you get away from the town and beach, it’s even cheaper.

    Alcantarilha, just 2kms north is seeing trade boom as there are lots of old village houses up for grabs which can be demolished and rebuilt but beware, it’s a conservation area and all alterations should be submitted to the Ministry of Culture in Faro who approve first then send to Silves Camara. You can google Alcantarilha for details. Oh forgot to tell you, its 500 yds from the golf course !!
    If you want info on the area, let me know as I have one or two contacts in the area in the locals
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