Should you be looking at investing in land in the future?

Discussion in 'Property Market News and Trends' started by Nicholas Wallwork, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Nicholas Wallwork

    Nicholas Wallwork Editor-in-Chief Staff Member Premium Member

    Whether you are looking in the UK, where the population continues to grow, or some of the more populated areas of Africa, which will hold 40% of the world’s population by 2030, land is very much at a premium. As a consequence, a number of long-term investors are now looking towards introducing undeveloped land to

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  2. nmb

    nmb Well-Known Member

    If you are willing to take the additional risk and the longer journey from acquiring land to developing and selling a property, this could be the perfect opportunity. The fact is that land which may not be applicable for planning permission today will be at some point in the future as land will be at an even greater premium in years to come.
  3. nicole2403

    nicole2403 New Member

    I would love to invest in land, thing is i dont know enough about it, Need to do my homework.
  4. nmb

    nmb Well-Known Member

    While the earlier you enter the property development chain the greater the potential rewards, with these greater potential rewards come greater potential risks. That said, land will become even more sought-after in years to come and we should see long term price increases.
  5. lookinginvest

    lookinginvest Member

    Sometimes it can take years for the full value of any land investment to be crystallised. Whether or not land investment is for you will depend upon your investment timescale.

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