Should new property developments be forced to include cheaper social housing?



As new property developments continue to emerge up and down the country it is interesting to see that many only receive planning application clearance after agreeing to include elements such as cheaper social housing or even nursing homes.

While it seems to be taken for granted that these elements are included in new property developments, often paid for by the developer, is it fair? Have you ever been held to ransom by a local planning authority because of their additional demands?


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Local authorities across the UK are happy to milk investors (and tax payers) for as much money as they can. Why should developers be forced to add certain types of property to their developments and why should they have to foot the bill?

It is typical of this country, anyone who is willing to take a chance and try and improve their finances is labelled "rich" and hit will direct and indirects tax after tax. Drives me mad!


As long as this system is not absued then you could argue that it is "giving something back to the community"?

I appreciate your point about local authorities using this as the "norm" now when in reality there is no real basis. However, is it not time that some of the larger developers did give something back to the local community?