Should I uy now or wait for the brexit to happen?

Discussion in 'General Property Investment Discussion' started by shina, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. shina

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    It probably the million dollar question, I want to invest in buy to let, is it worth waiting after the brexit to take place? And if so, how long after the brexit we expect to have the lowest prices? or should I just go for it now?

    Would be interesting to hear other people opinions.



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  2. FWL

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    Absolutely impossible to say :)

    You should look at buy to let properties on a deal by deal basis. If the figures stack up and the value is well supported by the rental yield then start dipping you toe in now. Very often you find that when markets dont know the worst case scenario (i.e. Brexit), they assume their own worst case scenario. Very often this is worse than real life - markets hate uncertainty.
  3. PatriciaBrown

    PatriciaBrown New Member

    Future and market both are uncertain, in this case, we can't assume the good one to happen.
    Sell at a good price is worth.
  4. If the numbers work out on individual deals then go for them - do not be overly influenced by short term market movements. The doom and gloom surrounding Brexit has been over done, whichever way you look at it, so consider everything on a deal by deal basis.
  5. Eytan Grossman

    Eytan Grossman New Member

    It's very difficult to time the market so you should be conservative with your investment. If it's a "steal" and the market hasn't started to tank, make a quick turnover on the flip. Make sure the risk is worth the reward - you must have a large enough of a margin as security so if prices start declining you'll still have a safety net and be profitable.
  6. FWL

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    I totally agree @Eytan Grossman

    If you have enough headroom between the price you paid and the perceived market value then you should be ok. I dont see the UK property market tanking no matter what happens with Brexit. Not a perfect scenario but history shows that when markets have uncertainty they tend to opt for the worst case scenario. If this is the worst case scenario for property prices then so far it has not been anywhere near as bad as many expected.
  7. shina

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  8. John62

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    It also depends on the area you are interested in. Cities which live from business (like London) will of course suffer from brexit.
  9. Interesting to see the likes of Honda now using Brexit as a reason to withdraw from the UK. While opposition politicians will say this is all about Brexit it is more to do with the trade deal signed between the EU and Japan which allows tariff free trade in cars. Therefore why not take manufacturing back home?
  10. John Wilson

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    I agree with those who have said it's all about the individual deal, which it absolutely is. If you aim to buy wholesale, then you should be aiming for at least a 15% discount to market value then if the market falls briefly then you've not lost anything. If you're investing for the long term then it won't matter either as prices always recover.

    If you wait for Brexit fear to pass then you could be waiting a long time, plus Warren Buffet said it best when he said that the time to invest is when others are fearful. Take advantage of the times and help those sellers who want out fast.

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