Should I buy in International City?

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Hi all

I am new to the forum and have not purchased any apartments in Dubai but was looking at International City. What are people’s opinion for investing there?

I was looking at the Spain or China sectors and either studio or 1 bed apartments, is it a good place to start? I don’t mind holding on for capital growth.

What are the rental returns like? Is there a demand for renting there?

Any info you guys can provide will be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance



Depends what you want to do If it is for investment purpose It is a good deal because soon all the major finencial Instutions will start financing I city and then the demand will increase so as the price.
but there are other places where you can buy and get almost 2ble profit of what you can get in I city if you want appartments I have 2 buildings in international city.


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Hello Irfan,

Please get back to me if you have any apartments still on sale in Dubai. Do you think due to present oil and political situation there is any downward trend in the real state market in Dubai. Please let me know.



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Dubai has benefited from the global boom. The majority of the investment coming from overseas. If investors are tightening there belts at home they are less likely to be buying abroad. That said there is still opportunity to make good returns in Dubai.

There was speculation that supply would outstrip demand as many developments were due to complete in 2008. Progress has been slow due increased regulation and construction costs and a labour shortage. Demand still outstrips supply.

Population growth and changes in legislation by the Dubai government will affect the real estate market. These unknowns is where the risk lies but that’s what investing is about and it you don’t take the risk you don’t make the returns.
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