Should I buy a property in Dubai South?


Ahmad Baz

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I am looking to invest in a property in Dubai. There is this new neighbourhood called Dubai South there are a lot of new properties there that are really affordable. Dubai South is supposed to be close to the Expo 2020.

I just wanted to know if anyone was investing in property there? I found a few really good deals but I am a bit skeptical about it all. There are properties starting at 280K dirhams. Does that make sense? It's the first time I've seen properties in Dubai priced this low.

I just want some advice from anyone knows more about the neighbourhood.

The property I was initially looking for was The Pulse, I contacted them and they told me they sold out on the first day.

This is the property I am looking into investing in. Its by MAG 5, I don't really know much about them but I've seen their buildings around Dubai. They are offering really flexible payment plans and the price is really hard to beat.

I would appreciate it if anyone can give some advice on the neighbourhood, the developer or anything else.

Its my first time buying a property :)
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Did you already have a look and this business park which is promoted by a certain company. here is the link (moderated)
It is a free zone, so it comes with a lot ameneties, more or less useful, depending on what you actually want to do.

When it comes to prices, i can not tell you how expensive this is, but i think 280000 dhirman is very cheap! So you better watch out. But it could be legit too! Crisis doesnt stop in Dubai.
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Here is just my personal opinions:
The point of property is not cheap, is keeping values. I also watching property price in dubai, (moderated) is showing average price in dubai
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Hi, I found a useful article to help with your dilemma. They make some good points.
Here it is:
5 Major reasons to invest in one of the major projects in Dubai South
  • Billions of dollars are being invested by the Dubai & UAE Governments to develop the Expo 2020 site and related infrastructure. The vast majority of this investment will take place from 2017 – early 2020; and 2017 is the year that major work will commence. Post Expo, the Government plans to start shifting some of the major events & exhibitions from the current Expo Center along Sheikh Zayed Road.
  • The new airport, potentially the largest in the world when fully operational is a needed infrastructure that will allow Dubai to maintain and grow its lead as the busiest airport hub in the world, currently catering to about 80 million passengers annually. Fly Dubai is already moving its entire base of operations here.
  • Dubai South is very close to Dubai Parks & Resorts – the major theme park that opened its first phase in late 2016. The Government of Dubai aims to increase the current 14 million tourists a year to 20 million by 2020 and Dubai South / the new airport / Expo 2020 is a major part of this strategy.
  • Dubai South itself is being billed as a future major hub / city of Dubai and will offer a mix of residential, commercial and hospitality real estate. Demand for housing will be driven mainly from the Airport & logistics economy.
  • The first projects in this area will offer the most significant opportunity for capital gains and strong rental yields. Investors now have first mover advantage.