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Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Ray_k, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. Ray_k

    Ray_k New Member

    Hi ppl

    Me and my mate Phil are planning to have a short trip over to Hurghada to have a look at the spot where we have reserved our appartments Coral Pearl..and a general look around.

    Its not proving to be as easy as I thought regarding flights etc....

    We are planning to come over on a Friday March 7th and leave on Sunday 9th, due to busy work comitments cant stay long, this also allows to make a decision if we want to continue with the investment as we have been given a 21 day grace period where the 10% deposit is refundable.

    It seems no flights to Hurghada for these days....will the cheapest option be to fly to Sharm and get the boat across ? also fly back to manchester from Sharm on the Sunday so will need 2 boat trips ?

    how long do the boat trips take....?

    Found some flights using skyscanner , thomasfly to Sharm £311 return.

    2 nights in a semi decent hotel in Hurghada.....any holiday inn type places there ? or equivalant that anybody recommends ?

    Any info useful

  2. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi the fast ferry across is about 90 mins each way - the harbour in Sharm is about 30/40 mins from the airport. To be honest it will be alot easier to fly from Sharm to Hurghada. Let me know if you want the details. You can get flights from as little as £12.50 each way so it will work out cheaper than the ferry as well.
    Where in the UK are you flying from??
  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi found hol to Hurghada incl accomadation for £409 which could be cheaper option but not on those dates but leave UK Tues 4th and return Fri 7th see
    I will check my other ones I use to see if I can get any better prices and date. - Tailor Made Holidays - Hotel Availability. for under £400 each 14th until 18th March
    Another option is to get a cheap flight to Luxor if you can and then get a taxi down to Hurghada.
  4. Ray_k

    Ray_k New Member

    Thanks Queenie for this... live in Manchester so Manchester Airport would be ideal to fly from.

    I will look at these holiday deals you have provided a link for.

    £12.50 sounds good for flights from Sharm to Hurg.

  5. crombiestone

    crombiestone New Member

    I hadn't realised there were flights from Sharm to Hurghada so had a look on Egyptair . It looks Like they only operate on Friday Saturday and Sunday and are at midday so you would probably need to stay overnight in Sharm inbound . Its still another route to consider . You could also consider flying to Luxor airport and tansfer overland which takes about 4 hours. You are suposed to travel in convoy but there are ways and means;) . We managed to get a flight to Luxor for £99 last year .
  6. Ray_k

    Ray_k New Member

    Yeah will look at that what looks like a decent deal from that latedeals site:

    Manchester to hugharda flights and 3 night accomodation at the Marriott incl breakfast £440 all in. Not bad really...?
  7. Take care Ray sometimesthis FastFerry change schedule, sometimes cancel the trip , and mosttimes late so be careful to not lose your flight to UK
  8. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi - Egyptair will fly to Hurghada everyday but the above days are direct and the other days are via Cairo. Make sure you pick Egypt as the country as you will get cheaper prices. If anyone uses this option they are welcome to stay overnight in my apartment in Sharm if it is available at the time ( 10 mins from airport )

    XL have a flight from Manchester to Hurghada one way on 14th March for £100 each.
  9. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Ray - I have been searching through my faves for you and found some bargains, however it would mean you driving or getting the train down from Manchester to London but well worth the savings on the price of £440 that you have. All below are departing London 7th and returning 9th March.

    Le Meridien Makadi Bay half board £305 each

    Hilton Hurghada Bed and Breakfast £318 each

    Hurghada Marriott B n B £323 and same for Intercontinental Hurg

    Movenpick El Gouna £326 B n B

    Coral Beach Rotana Hurgh All Inclusive £327

    However these cannot be booked online and you will need to fill in the form for availability. Worth a go though.

    See London to HURGHADA Holidays @ - Sharm el Sheikh holidays - part of
  10. Ray_k

    Ray_k New Member

    Excellent will look at these...thanks Queenie
  11. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Ray - your welcome and I hope you get a good deal that isnt too harsh on the pocket.

  12. dunkan

    dunkan New Member

    Are those prices for flights and 2 nights accomodation ?

  13. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Dunk - yes they were for the dates Ray wanted - flights and accomadation.
  14. jeremy bright

    jeremy bright New Member

    one thing you haven't put is are you getting sponsored inspection visit is in November i went to look and got a free flight and free hotel stay for two for a week stayed at 1001 nights all inclusive so have you asked the agent if they will cover the cost also i bought and i am from Manchester to
  15. Ray_k

    Ray_k New Member

    Asked the agent he said they dont do it...but will get a guide to show me round the development once I get there.
  16. This is somethingsmallest agentd do for free, just i hope they recommend you their best
  17. dunkan

    dunkan New Member

    Thank's Alison :)
  18. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Your welcome - if at anytime anyone else is thinking of doing the same post on here and I will check all my faves to see if I can get a cheaper deal for you.
  19. Roger

    Roger New Member

    OK Queenie, here's a challenge ;)

    Living in Cork, Ireland and want to head out to see a developent or three in March. Best I can find is:

    Drive Cork to Dublin (4 Hours + Petrol + Parking))
    Fly Dublin to Gatwick (€68)
    Fly Manchester to Hurghada (€169)
    Seven night in accommodation, or ditch (Not costed yet)
    Fly Hurghada to Gatwick (€169)
    Sleep in Gatwick airport
    Fly Gatwick to Dublin (€68)
    Drive Dublin to Cork (4 Hours + Petrol)

    That's about the only way I can see of doing it, and I'm wondering if it's worth it :(

    A shorter trip would be ideal, but I can't find one suitable. I'll keep looking.
  20. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    OMG - that is a challenge and a half. Let me work on it and I'll see what I can come up with 2moro xx

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