Short Sale, zero follow up from realtor

Discussion in 'Malaysia property' started by kick99, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Jan 2011 I decide to short sell my home. Realtor gets an offer within several weeks and all the paperwork is submitted to BofA. Months pass and eventually they reject the short because they wanted me to contribute money. The Realtor says that he tried to convince them that I didnt have the money based upon my "situation", but they rejected anyway.

    May 2011 we get a new offer and this time Realtor goes through the HAFA program. Again, all paperwork is submitted, and (from what he claims) BofA accepted the short, but now its up to the HAFA program to complete the process.

    We are still waiting as of today. I've been told about half a dozen times since August that "he should be getting an answer in a few weeks" to "he should be getting an answer in a few days". He tells me that he will call me either way, but he has never followed up on calls. In fact, he said he would call on Sat as last week he was going to get an answer, never did. I called him on Monday, left message, never called back.
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    Wow~ that realtor really having problem then . I am realtor too . But never have this happen . You may call him/ her to keep on follow up . If not dragging a lots of time !
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    this is unacceptable

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