Shipping things Uk to Hurghada

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Any info on shipping things from UK to Egypt appreciated.

1. how do you find out what the duty will be
2. anyone actually done a significant container load yet.
3. what sort of time from UK to arrive in Hurghada
4. what ports are used in UK & Egypt
5. what are the costs for a medium sized container
6. are there any carriers that specialise in UK to Egypt
7. is there a lot of paper work

Is it worth the effort compared to buying in Egypt



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there was a lady on the forum having her furniture shipped to egypt back at the beginning of the year and she was going to let the forum know how she had gone on when it arrived sometime in april I think, but she has never come back to respond.
We too are wondering what the costs would be and wether it would be worthwhile shipping as opposed to buying especially as i work in a bed manufactures and get beds at cost price. I do have a number from a company who imports to work and have been given a contact for the export side just havent got round to ringing him yet. You have more time than me nigel if you want the contacts details.

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