Shared path and access to the property



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Hey All,

newbie here and I would like to ask for your advice.

Living in a terraced house and we have a shared path to the property with the house next door.

On our deed the hatched part is significantly bigger in our side of the path. Looking at the deed it says ‘ the owners of the adjoining property X to go pass and repass on foot only over and along such portion of the common accessway serving the two properties as is not included within the land hatched black on the plan hereunto annexed’.
I honestly don’t mind the neighbours using the shared path, but they constantly are using our driveway to walk into the shared path, instead of using the gate ( no fencing around our properties, only a sole gate to the path standalone). Please can someone advise on the information of the deed? Does it mean it allows the neighbours to constantly walk though our driveway too?


Is there any way in which you can legally fence off your driveway which would force those using the path to stay off your property?