Shared Ownership in the South or Buy to let in the North?



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Hello - I have just joined the forum as I would like some advice as I feel a little stuck,

I have been living in Surrey renting for 18 years. My ex partner left taking our 80k that we had for a deposit so I essentially had to start saving again from scratch....which living alone can take awhile. I am currently saving £400 a month.

I have been looking into shared ownership which I was getting hopeful about, as many properties I could afford as long as the monthly payments where sensible. However, I was delt a blow after learning many do not allow pets - even if you get 50% (or even 75%) share. I have 3 little house rabbits which I do not plan on rehoming.

I can’t do help to buy in Surrey as the 5% deposit is still high on many of the properties.

However, I could buy a property in my hometown up north where my family currently live and let it out. The issue with this is I have to where I am living, and I would need a Tenet in quick.

So my question are:

Has anyone done Shared Ownership with pets?

Has anyone else had the same issue with their opinions?

Anyone rented a property while they continue to rent?