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Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by BDotADot, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. BDotADot

    BDotADot New Member

    hi guys, this development is being sold at 2250 per sq ft, in dana island, RAK. im not aware of anything available on the open market on dana island.. the price seems a bit extortionate. do you people think this is an investment opportunity??

    decent developments on al marjan island are selling at around the 12-1500 mark, thats why im expressing my concern.

    let me have your views please!!
  2. NAZ_2_NAZ

    NAZ_2_NAZ New Member

    Dana Island is a great investment, it will be better than Al Marjan Island, due to its location in terms of it will be closer to the main Ras al Khaimah City, thus Airport, Business Centre etc etc BUT, I think the price is too much for SRK Boulevard. However, i did speak to a RAKEEN representative on the stand at Cityscape and they said Shah Rukh Khan developers have had 800 letters of intent to purchase - maybe BS? I know this development has put Dana Island on the map in a big way, my advise would be to follow other developers on the island who will surely come under that price and grab a solid bargain investment before prices go too crazy!! Watch this space................
  3. junaidrafique

    junaidrafique New Member


    Can anyone tell me who the master developer is of Dana Island. Also what is the completion date for the island.
  4. NAZ_2_NAZ

    NAZ_2_NAZ New Member

    Rakeen - Development Company of the Ras Al Khaimah Government
  5. Roshan

    Roshan New Member

    Sharukh would probably walk with a handsome profit by giving his name to the development. Dhs 2250 psf is way too out...what is this, are we still in the movies :D


  6. junaidrafique

    junaidrafique New Member

    I have to agree. This price in todays climate and market conditions is way off the mark, I can't help thinking that the Sharukh brand name has been used as a smoke screen to hide the truth about the market moving to a different direction in the UAE. I think the price should be no mre than 800 dhms based on the fact that RAK is still behind Abu Dhabi and Ajman in the pecking order. I'll be surprised if this moves in the re sale market at all.
  7. NAZ_2_NAZ

    NAZ_2_NAZ New Member

    lol. 800 AED is another crazy price to suggest, this is Island living, beach front, and we already know that Al Marjan units are going for 1200-1500 AED.
  8. BDotADot

    BDotADot New Member

    thanks for the response guys

    i am confident that this development will sell out by the end of the year, end users will do as their name suggests, but investors, out there to fliq for a quick return, will their be anything for them.. its a difficult one.. who will want to pay a 10% premium on top of 2250 per sq ft on dana island???
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