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Sewage Problem in International City

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by hOOters, May 6, 2008.

  1. hOOters

    hOOters New Member

    The problem doesnt seem to be getting any better. Nakheel told me last Thursday they were getting 240 sewage tankers to IC to drain all the sewage away that has spilled into the roads. Last night when i arrived back in IC i see the sewage is all over the raods again. The smell is disgusting, cannot have the air con on, cant open the windows either becasue there are now so many flies and mosquitos. I am covered in mosquito bites.

    I called Dubai Municipality this morning, it is nothing to do with them, they informed me that the sewage treatment plant is the responsibility of Nakheel.

    Is anyone interested in putting together a strongly worded letter to send to Nakheel??

  2. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    Please could you specify exactly which roads and which cluster
    Where is your flat in international city?
  3. hOOters

    hOOters New Member

    I live in Russia Cluster and my block is located in front of the sewage treatment plant. The roads that are flooded are either side of the roundabout next to the sewage treatment plant.
  4. georgihh

    georgihh New Member

    I feel sorry about you and me leaving in international s….ty
    The project is disaster, Nakheel are the worst developer in the world.
    The streets around the lake are completely flooded; the traffic getting into international city is ridicules and on top of that they are building new cluster next to the swage plant.
    There is no maintenance anymore.
    If Nakheel cannot manage the development simply should go and let someone else to do the job
    Lots of money is available from the service charges for someone to run the place properly
    I don’t understand why they build more when they have lots of money (at least from the service charges) to fix the current problems.
    Simply they don’t care about the people leaving in IC.
    Unfortunately the project is tragedy and Nakheel do absolutely nothing to improve on top of that they create more and more problems
  5. moomisfanna

    moomisfanna New Member

    How do you feel financial crisis?

    I would like to ask of you: How do you feel financial crisis in your life ?
  6. zombie

    zombie New Member

    Who said Nakheel has the money, they spent all of the exorbitant maintenance fees they collected from the unit owners over the last few years, to provide basic cleaning, air conditioning & unlandscaped roads & Roundabouts into Huge & unjustified salaries to friends & relatives. It was simple come here work for Nakheel(do nothing) get paid very very well, when it comes time to go they give you a nice fat cheque of 3 months salary & say ta-ta. If any was left over they launched a new project & & used it as marketing costs.

    How about audited(independent) accounts of NAM?

    Hell if one could sell & get out one would, but circumstance has forced us owners to actually think of the long term. What a joke that is what I was thinking of when I bought the damn places. Now I don't think the buildings will last 15 years. Time to buy insurance.
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