Serbia - 'the' Emerging market in Europe

Discussion in 'Buying Overseas Property' started by ChristopherE, Feb 18, 2008.

  1. ChristopherE

    ChristopherE New Member

    I've been put onto some property deals in Serbia (Belgrade) recently and it would seem, Kosovo happening peacefully, that there is tremendous opportunity in this emerging market. Anybody here done any deals or have any insight as to how privatization in Serbia is working? Thoughts on future growth in real estate values in Serbia, namely Belgrade? I am curious as we have some exceptional opportunities to acquire a few very high-quality (commercial) sites at well below market value in the city center.
  2. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    Lets hope "Kosovo happening peacefully" happens. I have read about some Serb actions so far in Kosovo - Grenade attack on UN building - Burnt out UN vehicle. Then yesterday problems in Belgrade.

    Serb Government have requested a mass demo in Belgrade this week which I suspect will turn into a anti US - UK - UN - EU riot. Lets hope it doesn't light the fuze in that region.
  3. ChristopherE

    ChristopherE New Member

    I remain optimistic that the debate will resolve itself peacefully. This country (Serbia) has been in isolation for so long now and they've really taken serious steps to turn that corner. Its would be unfortunate to see it slip backward at such an opportunistic moment. I am American and cannot see the merit of the Serbs having part of their country taken from them in such a non-democratic way. I do not support my country's position politically as it relates to Kosovo. Nonetheless, there are very good deals there. Privatization is another word for good deals, especially in a country that has all the tools to support the emergence on the other side, as Serbia clearly does... Fingers crossed.
  4. Aegean

    Aegean New Member

    If calm remains I think you may be right about good opportunities there. Next few weeks will decide which with luck will not see any issues or violence.
  5. Tobias

    Tobias New Member

    As a foreigner living in Serbia, I can assure you that the situation here is stable and that Kosovo is a thing of the past. Serbia is dedicated to work towards EU accession (planned for 2014-2015).

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