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Selling to Russian Clients

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Euro-Asia Property, Jul 21, 2007.

  1. Euro-Asia Property

    Euro-Asia Property New Member

    If you want to start Selling into the russian market or you want to have a representation in Russia thne we can be there for you.

    Many russians who are looking to buy are only confortable when they have a contact person in Russia. Our company (under european managment) with head office in st petersburg can be doing this for you.

    You as developer maybe want to do a huge promotion campaign in Russia or attend some of the main trade fairs all over russia then contact us we can represent you on these trade fair so it will be alot cheaper for you as you do not have to send people down and so on.

    Interested ? or you have other questions contact us

    Email : [email protected]
  2. Joshua888

    Joshua888 New Member

    Selling to people from Russia

    I totally agree when it comes to selling property to clients who are from Russia, we have been selling property on the Costa Del Sol spain to Russian clients for many years and Russian people take a long time to make a decission whether it be for an investment property or for a holiday home. In our experience the property investors from Russia take their time in commencing an investment property portfolio no matter which country however once they trust your professional experience and your company they are extremely good clients to have and they will continue to purchase investment property from you regularly, like any savvy property investor as long as you provide them with a reasonable ROI. We have received many refferals from our Russian investor clients over the years and this success was all due to the fact we managed to get a Russian based company on board with us. As for Russian clients looking for a holiday home once again as I have said when you tour them in general they will remain very quiet and keep their cards close to their chest, but we have found that by spending the time with your Russian client and being totally honest and listening to their needs they will purchase a property from you just be patient and do not try to close the deal to fast. :)
  3. kamadenu

    kamadenu New Member

    can individuals register with you for selling
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