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Selling selective and best properties in Bulgaria

Discussion in 'Bulgaria Property' started by jaylin, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. jaylin

    jaylin New Member

    Hi, there,

    I am the office manager of a real estate agency based in Bulgaria. We work mainly with English-speaking clients who are interested in buying their holiday home or a retreat home in sunny and welcoming Bulgaria.
    We offer properties in the south and north of Bulgaria, in the capital ? Sofia, on the Black Sea Coast and in the mountains. The properties are in select locations only where our prospective clients can relax in the mountains or near the sea, or boost their health resources in some of the very best Bulgarian Spa Resorts.
    Our intent is to always stay focused on looking for attractive properties so that in offering them to our clients we give them only the very best.
  2. Michael Stevens

    Michael Stevens New Member

    I think investment in Sofia is a better idea than in the mountain side, because in Bansko and in the other ski resorts there is overbuilding.
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