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    THUNDERCAT New Member

    I would appreciate the views of members regarding my Onix property on Greenfields.
    Due to circumstances beyond my control it has become clear I need to consider selling this property.
    Presently I have paid the initial deposit with the balance to follow I believe around November.
    Other than recouping my deposit from a buyer, what paperwork would I need to complete to transfer the property to another party.
    More importantly have the properties in Bucharest increased in value, would this sale be attractive to a potential buyer? baring in mind I'm happy to break even.
  2. David howe

    David howe New Member

    Selling in Romania

    Dear Thundercat.

    The paperwork you will need to sell the property will be to do out a power of attorney for someone to sell the property in your name. Ensure there is a condition on it that buyer transfers money for purchase direct to your bank account and this way there is no issue over the transfer of money. If you wish we can arrange the sale of this and seek a re-assignment agreement from the developer for you to dispose of the property. Feel free to contact us by e mail or telephone between 6 am and 4pm Monday-Friday

    David Howe LLB. LLM

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  3. Jim Zed

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    Selling in Romania

    Hi Thundercat,
    How successful were you with your sale in Romania. I am in the same boat and dont know what to do. What is current situation? I cannot get mortgage so cant get funds. What is chance of developer giving me a period of grace to get it sorted? It is in Greenfields purchased from a large 3 letter property company.

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