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Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by Angelface251, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Angelface251

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    Hi can anyone help me! I own two properties jointly with my now ex partner one in Turkey one in Ecuador are there any legal professionals out there who knows what the property laws are in these countries as I want to sell but he wants to keep them but can't or shall I say won't buy me out it's put me in limbo as I need the money to start a new life for myself. I need advice on what I can do about this I have tried solicitors but for Ecuador this is proving to be very difficult to find someone who will offer me advice on their property laws.
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    If the tapu owner is you 50% and your partner 50%, you need to have both signatures during a sale at the tapu office. Unless you have a power of attorney to sell the share.

    Hope this helps.
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    I need some advice. My ex and I bought our Turkish apartment in 2006. Split up in 2009. He hasn't been over since. I have paid all the bills and maintainance since then.

    I am getting married in sept, my new partner and I have offered to buy him out or put it up for sale and split the profit. He is refusing to do either. Is there anything I can do. I was never married to him thanks and both our names are on the Tapu. Hope you don't mind me asking.

    I'm hoping that there is some mechanism (like in the UK) that allows foreign investors to sell assets once the relationship has ended.
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    Unfortunately situations like this are becoming ever more common with partners investing on good terms at the beginning only for things to change further down the line. This is where you should have some kind of buy-out/sale clause in your partnership agreement to ensure that there is an exit route if required. Selling a part share in a property on the open market could prove to be challenging to say the least!
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    Still you can sell your share.
  6. Deniz Pehlivan

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    And this is only way. İ wouLD sugges, tell your ex partner, you are Jüst about to sell your share to someone. And inform hım you are giving Thé keys to Thé New share owner. And wait what it is going to be his response. İt is Not a bluffing.
  7. Deniz Pehlivan

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    Whoever Thé owners öf shares have Thé rights öf use Thé property as you do.
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    This is the downside to join property investment especially with somebody involved in your private life. At the beginning nobody expects situations like the one described above but you do need to put together some kind of contract which will stipulate how you can solve these difficult situations.

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