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Selling in Turkey

Discussion in 'Turkey property' started by kinggoey, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. kinggoey

    kinggoey New Member

    Does anybody have any contacts for estate agents in turkey?
    I want to sell my appartment
    Brand new build, 2 bed and 1 bathroom

  2. meze

    meze New Member

    I am a UK based agent, I specialise in selling only Turkish property.

    Please let me know where your apartment is situated, how old it is, size etc and if you have the Tapu (Title Deed ) and Habitation Certificate. You are probably aware that the market has slowed a little, but please let me know the price you want to achieve.
  3. kinggoey

    kinggoey New Member

    Hi, thanks for your note

    i do want to see my property as indicated
    i cant afford it and need to find a buyer
    the property is a 2 bed, 1 bath penthouse appartment
    the property is in bozbuk nr altinkum
    its on a resort with a beach front

    price i was going to pay is 93000 euros
    i dont have the tapu as i have not made the final payment
    the builder wont refund the money so i need to sell on
    property comes with furniture pack

    can you help

  4. meze

    meze New Member

    Unfortunately without the Title Deed ( Tapu) you do not legally own the property.

    Generally speaking if you entered into a legally binding contract with the developer, then changed your mind, then the developer is within their rights not to issue a refund.

    You should take advice from your solicitor.
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