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Selling Apartments with Tenants

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by vg100, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. vg100

    vg100 New Member

    I am considering selling my apartment within the next 6 months or so.

    However, can anyone tell me whether the value of a 1 bedroom apartment in IC (Spain) is lower if it has tenants occupying it, compared to an empty apartment. Especially if the tenants are paying below current market rents at the moment (until Oct 2009).

  2. Capricorn 1

    Capricorn 1 New Member

    Selling apartment with tenant


    I have an apartment in the Italian Sector with a rental allowance expiring early next year. If I decide to sell the property, would it affect the price if I have a tenant? Not sure whether to renew the lease again.
  3. iahmed

    iahmed New Member

    Yes, it does make a difference. Usually it would be aroudn 20-30k less than the vacant apartments. In most cases the buyers are buying these units to move in. And also if you have the title deed that helps. Apartments without title deed are 2030k less than the ones with title deed.

    Anyone who wants to sell, can send me details of the property, and I will find you a client at the market price.

    Imtiaz Ahmed
  4. zen0726

    zen0726 New Member

    Hi, Ahmed!

    I am a cash buyer with the budget to buy 2 units of one BR in the European Cluster; e.g. France, Spain, Italy. Do you have units that are on sale with Title Deeds or straight forward sale without tenants?

    Please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!
  5. Ahmed Abouraia

    Ahmed Abouraia New Member

    I 'm looking for onebedroom in the international city in European cluster , for my cash buyer

    but only from landlords , so plz contact me ahmedabouraia1 AT gmail
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