Selling A Property in Bulgaria (St Vlas)

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As per the title of the thread, I own a studio apartment in a 5 star luxury development in Dubai which I purchased 18 months ago off plan. Its been complete for a year now and this summer the big tour operators are using the resort so its now returning rental.

I'm looking for unbiased advice on the best way to sell the property, I'm relocating from the UK to Dubai and will no longer be holidaying there and would like to release the equity tied up in it.

Can anyone advise the base way forward i.e. website to advertise on, whether I should appoint a local agent there, the likely costs etc, that would be most helpful. The apartment is a beachfront property in the award winning Garden of Eden development so I'm hoping that its got good resale potential.

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I'm not sure about the actual logistics of the sale, but for leads I would set up a micro-website and advertise it on the search network on Google AdWords. It would take too long to optimise a website. It is worth hiring someone to set up abnd manage this account coz you coul chuck your money away.

If you don't hear anything for 2 months of a campaign think about getting an agent on board.

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