Seller and Estate Agents have become unresponsive



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I'm a first time buyer in London, and I'm near to moving into my first house. I have paid for multiple surveys (combined with solicitor fees, approx. £2000) and currently waiting on the Seller for some documents such as properties info & fittings form and specific documents asked to provide after the building survey. We have been in this process for 7 months and constantly chasing the Seller via the Estate agents and solicitors.

The Seller has now gone MIA, the Estate agents tried contacting her 2 weeks ago and she is not responding to email or phone calls. I contacted the Estate agents today to let them know the mortgage I obtained for the property will be expiring in a month and to confirm where the Seller head is at. The Estate agents have also become unresponsive.

I have already started looking at other properties but does anyone have any advise how to handle this? Is there someone I can escalate to or a complaint procedure for this kind of unacceptable behaviour? What are my options apart from pulling out of the sale?

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in similar situation and wondering whether there was an update to your matter and if it was resolved?

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I can see that the post is a few months old now, so I guess the question is no longer relevant, but I am curious about whether or not it has been resolved, and how.