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Self Renting (Tips and Tricks)

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by NOOR, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    I thought it would be a good idea to start a new thread where people can share or express their opinion/advice on self renting.
    For example estate agents in Dubai charges reasonably good amount of money to prepare tenancy agreement, where’ as you can purchase Tenancy agreement in stationary shops for 50 fills (Half a Dirham) and fill the form by yourself. I am attaching Tenancy Agreement Form in PDF format (*This form was initially posted by our fellow senior and valued member WAYNEIS, so all credit goes to him). Waiting for your input folks.......

    My Motto
    Help each other out :)
  2. ALIYA

    ALIYA New Member

    Errr....where is the Tenancy Agreement Form...??? Can you please get it uploaded for all to view. Thanks
  3. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

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  4. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    Thanks to Bob (Totallyproperty forum administrator)

    Thanks Bob for updating my link (Tenency Agreement Form link) above.
  5. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    International city short VDO

    Folks if you wanna watch a short dubai international city video (it shows Italy, Rusia and chineese cluster).

    here is the video link YouTube - International City
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  6. jwayne592

    jwayne592 New Member

    The Next Steven Spielberg???

    Great video Noor I was very impressed and it was good to see I.C in video format rather than just a photograph. Shame you didn't get to video the Greece sector but maybe that will be next on the agenda? Thanks again for posting it!
  7. DubaiDan

    DubaiDan New Member

    Link not working

    Tenancy agreement link above not working. Can anyone help?
  8. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    Tenency Agreement Link

    Hi Dubai Dan

    Above link (Tenency Agreement form) is working on my computer, but not to worry if you PM me your e-mail address I'll send you a copy of it in PDF format.

  9. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

  10. jwayne592

    jwayne592 New Member

    Work In Progress...

    Thanks for filming that clip of the Greece sector Noor it's good to see how things are coming on. Still looks like a long way to go till completion for Greece and my only fear is that they will rush the job and make careless mistakes just to avoid the compensation deadline. The buildings you filmed are very early on in the construction stage compared to the finished building somebody photographed on this forum. Thanks again.
  11. mani_1

    mani_1 New Member

    hi kindly get me the TENENCY AGREEMENT FORM
  12. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

    Hi Mani

    PM me your e-mail address and I will forward it to you promptly.

  13. maverick

    maverick New Member


    i am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in one these clusters england,spain,italy.

    Let me know if there is any

  14. NOOR

    NOOR New Member

  15. Amy

    Amy New Member

    hey, can sumone pleasetell me how to open the rental agreement link
  16. Cluster King

    Cluster King New Member

    Rental Agre ement.

    Hi AMY

    Right click on this link :
    & then (Save Target As)
    and save it on your computer

    If there is no success then PM me your e-mail address and i'll forward it to you or just ask fellow member NOOR to send you the file. (Noor is the one who e-mail me the copy this rental agreement).

    Good Luck.

  17. Amy

    Amy New Member

    hey it wud be very kind of you if you could plz post this likn doesnt work

  18. fakhri123

    fakhri123 New Member

    is it really only that i have to sign the contract with landlord.... is their any registration of the contract with government to get it secured? please help

    I own an apartment and i want to let it out myself, but i feel worried to have problems with tenant..

    thank you
  19. GDS

    GDS New Member

    Ok, is anyone around who's been there done that --- self-rented their apartment ??
    There are people here who'd love to hear from you.

  20. Al_P

    Al_P New Member

    can some one pls send me this tenency contract? Thanks Al
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