Self build Earthquake proof

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I've heard somewhere you can buy land and there is some sort of kit form house, that is eartquake proof, has anybody heard of them or have any info


1. No such thing as earthquake proof -- earthquake resistant yes and then its dependant on the strength of build as to what level of earthquake the building will withstand.

2. Yes you can get kit forms or prefabs email me for details as I have a company that supplies them


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ourturkishlove,Welcome the forum,

I did post a item several months ago regarding this type of property,

To my knowledge,there are only two manufacture's,

I would not reccomend buying in kit form,unless you have good knowledge of how to put them together,!

The companys that i dealt with,will put them up for you,its inclusive in there price and part of there guarantee,they will not sell as kit form,

Pre Fabricated Homes In Turkey, Prices start from as little as.£25.000.

Details and from the manufacture,

Pre-manufactured light prefabricated constructions are mounted on the precast concrete basement. The most important advantage of steel construction system is being light and resistant to seismic movements.
Light prefabricated constructions are preferred increasingly due to its short production time and mounting facility and allowance for an easy dismantling and erection for several times .
Prefabricated buildings can be manufactured in any size and design. They can be one , two or three storey.The transportation of the products can be done by using trucks,trailers,vessels,loading containers ,trains and cargo airplanes.Crane is not required for loading and downloading in Fiber Cement board covered panel system buildings.Crane shall be required for bolted type buildings with Fiber Cement and panel system buildings with steel sheets. The packaging is in comformance to the international transportation and packing codes.
Prefabricated buildings can be delivered with or without electrical and sanitary installation, painting and glazing. All materials are certified by T.S.E and by I.S.O 9001.Raw materials are in T.S.E and D.I.N norms.
Fiber Cement boards (Hekim Board brandmarked) , used for outer and inner surface claddings,ceiling and mezzanine coverings in prefabricated building and container production facility,are comprised of cement,silicate,and cellulosed fiber and produced in high pressure and temperature with kiln drying manner.By using this method the deformation of the board can be prevented from thermal variations and different climate conditions.

Pre-manufactured light prefabricated buildings can be applied to any accomodation plan in fold of 125 cm in width and length according to the utilization purpose. All prefabricated constructions are made up from the modulation of 4 different panels and comprise blind wall panel, wall panel with window, transom wall panel, wall panel with door.
Concreting shall be in accordance with the plan (foundation dimensions) which is supplied by our company,
Snow Load : 80 kg/m2
Wind Speed : 102 km/h
Seismic Zone : 1 st degree zone
Climate Zone : 3 rd climate zone

Panel Height : 2500 mm
Panel Thickness : 60 mm (100 mm optional)
Walls : 8 mm, Fire-proof FIBER CEMENT boards (HEKIMBOARD brandmarked,DIN 4102-2, A2 Class)
Insulation : 44 mm expanded polystyrene foam (10-12 kg/m2)
Heat Conduction Coefficient : k:0.64 Kcal/m2hC
Panel Height : 2500 mm
Panel Thickness : 60 mm (100 mm optional)
Panel Carcas: : 30x43x1.5 mm DKP U profile
Walls : 8 mm, Fire-proof FIBER CEMENT boards(HEKIMBOARD brandmarked,DIN 4102-2, A2 Class)
Insulation : 44 mm expanded polystyrene foam (10-12 kg/m2)
Heat Conduction Coefficient : k:0.64 kcal/m2hC
Covering : 6 mm, Fire-proof FIBER CEMENT boards (HEKIMBOARD brandmarked,DIN 4102-2, A2 Class) mounted with H profiles as ceiling coverings. PVC H profiles with metal reinforcement for ceiling connections to prevent rust/oxidation.
Roof Covering : Onduline (bituminous cornegated sheet) for residences, galvanized steel sheet for site constructions and also if required shingles can be applied as roof coverings.
Truss : Steel truss in 125 cm intervals along the building with 20 cm wide eaves and rain gutter
Purlin : 5x5 cm wooden purlin
Load carrying system is made up from box profile roof trusses and H profile columns(1.5 mm galvanized) which are specially rolled by rollformer machine. Inner floor profiles comprise 1.2 mm galvanized steel sheets. Omega profile for sides, over-panel omega, fascia cladding material, window subframes and Eaves ceiling covering material are made of PVC (to prevent oxidization and condensation). All PVC materials may be in metal form depending on the static specifications of the building.
Wall joints are made up from H profile columns.PVC cover will be used to prevent oxidization for outer surfaces of the external wall profiles.
External doors have galvanized steel sheet frames with laminated MDF pressed doors. Internal doors and aluminium doors will be supplied for houses and insulated steel sheet doors for site constructions. American panel doors or steel doors can be supplied according to the design content of the houses or request .
All window frames are INTERPEN trade marked PVC. Aluminium or wooden frames can be supplied optionally.
Antigron cables and PVC conduits are used in the electical installation.Sanitary and electical installations are done over the plaster.
For metal parts;2 layers of oil-paint over 1 layer rapid primer.2 layers of silicone based outer face paint for external surfaces and 2 layers of plastic based inner face paint for inner surfaces and ceilings,


Thanks for the welcome and the info guys
TH4S you say

I would not reccomend buying in kit form,unless you have good knowledge of how to put them together,!

Pre Fabricated Homes In Turkey, Prices start from as little as.£25.000.
Do you know if this included fitting together, hope it's ok to ask a few questions


Sorry meant to add, does anybody here own one of these types of properties?

I'm looking for some sort of report i guess.


we will soon have a show home in antalya for these builds

I have a meeting next week with architect and the build is just starting but should be ready to view in about 4weeks time,


Thanks brynn
How soon will this be, we are coming over in September and again hopefully in April


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What area of Turkiye are you visiting, there is a prefabricated show room not more than a hour from me,

Here are a few of there houses,



We're coming over to Bodrum this time and Olu Deniz next time
Thanks for the info


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Why are we asking members to e mail for details,!! When members are asking for information in the forum,!!

Here are a few more (detail's)questions and answer's related to this kind of property,

This information as come direct from the manufactures of these buildings,
There are a few of these companys that have sprung up over the last few years,in my opinıon there are only two good ones.any more related question please ask,

QUESTION Can you build prefabricated buildings all around Turkey?
ANSWER Yes we can.

QUESTION What additional requirements do you seek if the assembly is to be made out of the city?
ANSWER The only difference that occurs when the assembly is performed outside the city is that the accommodation and food expenses of the assembly team are to be borne by the customer.

QUESTION Is it necessary to obtain license during the course of the construction of the buildings?
ANSWER License is subject to the decision of the Municipality which the construction area is related to.

QUESTION Do you deal with the license procedures?
ANSWER It is the customer who obtains the licenses and other legal permits. The architectural plan, electrical plan, mechanical plan and the ground survey necessary to get the license is under the responsibility of the customer. We only provide the static calculations of the building for a certain charge upon request.

QUESTION What is included in your prices?
- We generally deliver the prefabricated buildings in the form of a rough construction work. This includes the following.
Assembly work of the prefabricated building; and assembly of any kind of prefabricated building materials (Wall panels, combination elements, ceiling coating, ceiling insulation and roof coating materials); and assembly of the exterior and interior doors, windows, transom windows and glasses.
- Where requested, we also install the following for an extra charge;
Application of mastic material on the connection elements of the building and the exterior and interior painting work,
Installation of the interior electrical wiring and assembly of the armatures of the building,
Installation of the sanitary fittings and assembly of the relevant armatures.

QUESTION What are the works you are supposed to perform?
ANSWER The ground concrete works and any kind of excavation and environmental arrangements,
Ground and wall coatings (grout, ceramic, tiles, carpets etc.),installation of the external connections of the prefabricated building (electric, waste water, clean water),all the permits and license arrangements with the municipality, installation of the heating and cooling systems (central heating, air-conditioning etc.). In assemblies conducted out of İstanbul, the accommodation and food expenses of the assembly team and the transport fees and transport insurance of the materials are borne by the customer.

QUESTION What are your solutions for the cold regions?
1. Alternative: Thickening the exterior walls and the roof insulation
2. Alternative: Applying additional coating on the exterior of the building (heat insulation, pvc siding etc.)
3. Alternative: Replacing the roof coating (polyurethane sandwich panel)

QUESTION When is the delivery time?
ANSWER Production of an average 100 m² single floor building is completed within 2 to 15 days depending on our existing production status. Then the building is made ready for delivery. The assembly work of the building is completed within 5 days following the dispatch and delivery of the ground concrete to our premises.

QUESTION What is your payment term?
ANSWER 40% of the VAT included total amount is collected in cash as of the agreement date. The remaining balance is collected by way of check with 30 and 60 days maturity as of the agreement date. Alternative payment plans can be discussed on a mutual basis.

QUESTION What is the maximum number of floors you can build?
ANSWER We can build 2 floors and more, but since the building construction will increase, the unit m2 cost will increase as well.

QUESTION How long is the approximate time of use of the buildings?
ANSWER If the exterior and interior painting of the building is renewed every 2-3 years, the building can be used for at least 25 years.

QUESTION What are the technical characteristics of the materials you use?
ANSWER You can refer to the Technical Specifications part of our web page.

QUESTION Can you implement the projects we request?
ANSWER We can implement your projects as long as they comply with our standard axle sizes.

QUESTION Are prefabricated housings only for summer house purposes?
ANSWER Prefabricated houses are equipped with a insulation system that allows use for four seasons. Building convenient for all climate conditions could be manufactured. Manufacturing is made by taking climate conditions of location where the buildings will be constructed.

QUESTION Can ceramic be applied at WC and bathrooms?
ANSWER All applications performed at reinforced concrete buildings can also be performed at Prefabricated buildings.

QUESTION Can I hang clipboard ( panel) onto walls?
ANSWER Since the walls are panel system, this application can be performed with screw instead of nail.

QUESTION Can I make painting of my prefabricated housing by myself during restoration?
ANSWER As in reinforced buildings, you can paint your prefabricated building easily by yourself.

QUESTION Does intermediate story in Two-Story buildings sway?
ANSWER Static calculations of these buildings are made according to the relevant standards (TS 648, TS 498, TS 11.372 etc.) and legislations. Therefore, there is allowable portion amount at intermediate storeys. However, if our customer does not want this, comfort conditions can be increased and swaying can be eliminated completely. This is possible with calculation during project.

QUESTION Can the building we purchased be disassembled and installed at another location later? How much does it cost?
ANSWER Yes, it can be installed. Only the disasseblying cost, re-assembly cost and painting cost will be charged. It is possible to make improvements in the buildings if it is demanded.

QUESTION Do prefabricated buildings have any harm to environment and people?
ANSWER Certainly they do not have. All of the materials used are manufactured in accordance with TSI (Turkish Standards Institution) requirements.

QUESTION What is the condition of the prefabricated buildings in terms of resistance to earth-quake?
ANSWER Prefabricated buildings are manufactured by taking the conditions of 1st earthquake area into consideration.

QUESTION Can I select the paint colour or there is a fixed colour?
ANSWER You can select any colour you want.

QUESTION With which vehicles shipment of the prefabricated building are made?
ANSWER Shipment of prefabricated buildings are made by truck, articulated truck, ship, train or cargo planes.

QUESTION Where and how the prefabricated buildings are assemblied?
ANSWER Pre-manufactured light prefabricated buildings are assemblied on concrete ground prepared before.
Assembly of prefabricated buildings to the concrete ground are made with anchorages or steel wall plugs. Therefore, building and concrete move together.


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thats great info.. we are looking into this type of build... I have seen a few smaller type poperties around, and from what I read, the construction/build time is not as long as traditional build.


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Certainly something i'll be looking at when we come over in October
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