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Discussion in 'German Property' started by willy01, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. willy01

    willy01 New Member

    anybody interested in an exchange of knowledge about developing in Germany?

    I am a UK builder & my partner is an Architect. We are presently working on a block of 11 flats (owned 100% by us) for the resale market.

    I have lived and worked there half my life, I speak fluent German and understand the buying & selling process as well as location, location ect. pm me

  2. german ophile

    german ophile New Member

    This is off topic but you couldn't give me any advice forn learning teh lingo, in particular the specialist property and building terms could you?

    To say I'm having difficulties is an extreme understatement.
  3. 800mile

    800mile New Member

    If I were you I'd take a professionally oriented intensive language course.

    I went on one years ago and it was great. Just make sure to tell them what you want and that they'll adapt the course to your needs.
  4. pylon

    pylon New Member

    Hi Willie
    What I do know is that there is major red tape involved, if you get in touch with your local handwerkskammer they will assist you on what you need to know ,they are very helpful.
  5. german ophile

    german ophile New Member

    Thanks, 800 mile. I shall have a look for one. Maybe I can even wangle my firm paying for it...
  6. german ophile

    german ophile New Member

    Took your advice in the end, 800 mile, and went to an intensive language school. Should anyone else be in need of something similar, I can say that I did find an excellent course that really got everyone in the group talking in and using the language. Got a lot of help grammar wise - but explained in a very simple, non-grammatical way. The palce I went to was called the Paul Noble Language Institute. Definitely very good. If anyone else is needing something similar, I found them here: The Paul Noble Language Institute
  7. german ophile

    german ophile New Member

    Better link

    Sorry, I should have posted a better link to the actual course. As I say, it was very good. Learn German

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