Seeking An Opportunity And I Dont Mean In Egypt!!

Discussion in 'Egyptian Lounge' started by Home Buy Overseas, Mar 30, 2008.

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    I have been on here since January this year posting , tirading, helping and just spreading general joy.

    Having had a keen interest in overseas property for some time , mainly through my travels across various cities and countries.. I looked at buying a property in Prague some time ago way before the boom but securing extra finance was a problem on top of my then outgoings. I have recently been privaleged to have had some surplus cash to invest in a small bolthole in Hurghada. This has rekindled my very keen interest in the overseas property market.

    I am looking for an opportunity to work with an already existing agency/ concern that will allow me to work in my current role and enable me to earn excellent rates of commission.

    What I would bring to the table would be an excellent work ethic and a strong desire to succeed and contribute to any successful business. I consider myslf to be focussed, resilient, keen to negotiate and above all , a honest person who thrives on people interaction.

    My background has always been in the commercial arena.. 10 years as a qualified payroll specialist, 4 years in niche competative recruitment sales and more recently "to test my metal" for a fund management company rehabilitating ex offenders.

    I work very dilligently, I love meeting/networking with people and have a passion for the industry. I am or soon will be an investor in the Red sea area. However, I am a travelled person and would work within any overseas property market..

    In a nutshell , i am looking for a job, a job that would give me something I would enjoy doing and the mutually beneficial bit, a job that would allow me to make some decent money.. In return, I would offer an employer my loyalty, dedication and give the position 100%.

    Should anyone have or could engineer a role of this nature, I would welcome a call!! I would be looking to tie something up sooner rather than later..

    Thanks for your time..

    Wayne Ghosh
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    work on commission basis

    if u r in uk, i could offer u a job.

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    I am a first time investor and the first international property market that caught my attention was Egypt. A few projects in Hurghada/ Red Sea are in my mind, but somehow I gather that investing in Egypt could be a lotta hassle !! And local laws not really favoring international buyers.

    Can you share your experience on this ? And is it easy to exit these investments when there is a need ?

  4. i am first time investor ... i have experienced no hassle at all

    maybe that will come nearer completion.. all i know is that all property is freehold in hurghada marsa alam.. and leasehold in sharm el sheikh south sinai any reputable agent will have had copies of all due dilligence reports.. ie land.
    ownership build licences etc.

    common for off plan developments is res fee 10% of purchase price 40% down then rest either on stages of build .. or on completion.

    once completed ie lawyers have there cut .. you go through a notary who registers the property.. if you register in your own name i think there are conditions that govern resale in 5years etc.. there are some nice developments around...

    the process has been easy/. pm me and ill let you know further info etc
  5. i am based in sheffield firmly in the uk ... with both eyes on hurghada

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