Seeking agents with potential investors for the German Property Market

Discussion in 'German Property' started by German Property Point, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. To whom it may concern,

    Our company is currently seeking agents with potential investors for the German Property Market

    We specialise in real estate property in top prime locations all over Germany and give investors the opportunity to purchase directly from the source.

    Our head office in Germany also specialises in the refurbishments of large apartment blocks, new private houses, commercial units and developments built off the plans.

    " We offer high yields ranging between 7% - 25% in prime locations to investors."

    If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us .
  2. Hi there,

    We have a need for some high quality new developments for users of our site in Germany. We soley advertise "off-plan" projects and may have the opportunity to send you good quality clients direct to deal with.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us.

    email me [email protected]

    or alternatively have a look at our site for more information
  3. pylon

    pylon New Member

    I looked at your website seems unrealistic that you have new houses for sale with 100% finance
  4. Who does this comment relate to? Can you expand and give precise location relating to this comment
  5. pylon

    pylon New Member

    The German property point they have new build houses with 100% finance
  6. pylon

    pylon New Member

    What do ye think ? did you check out the the deal the have ?
  7. Expertrus

    Expertrus New Member

    Dear Sirs!
    It may concern to us
    Real Estate company based in Russia and Finlanf
    Currently look for Cleaning business to buy in Western Germany
    Andprobably apartment with attractive conditions

    Thank you Dmitry
  8. propertylocator

    propertylocator New Member

    Hi Expertrus,

    what are you looking for? Maybe i can offer you some properties.

    Best Regards from Berlin
  9. Expertrus

    Expertrus New Member

    looking for business up to 500 000 e

    best regards from Stockholm
  10. propertylocator

    propertylocator New Member

    So you just need 1 apartment for max. 500.000€?
  11. Expertrus

    Expertrus New Member

    no sir- business:)
  12. propertylocator

    propertylocator New Member

    Ahhhhhhhh... can`t offer companies to buy. Sorry!

    Best Regards
  13. Bank of Richard

    Bank of Richard New Member

    Berlin Property Group can offer property brokerage to corporate clients as well as to the private individual.
    Berlin Property Group are property consultants that specialise in matching the unique requirements of each of our clients with the property you exactly look for. Whether you seek an individual property for yourself or a portfolio of Berlin property for Investment you can be assured of our attention to detail.

    Please contact one of our sales executives for a consultation.
    [email protected]
  14. Bank of Richard

    Bank of Richard New Member

    Hello Dimitry,
    Are you still looking for commercial property in Berlin ? Whatever your needs in Berlin please give me a shout i can source you anything you want.
    Bank of Richard.
    Привет Дмитрпй,

    Вы все еще ищете коммерческую собственность в Берлине?
    Относительно Ваших потребностей в Берлине- пожалуйста дайте мне знать,
    я найду для Вас, что Вы хотите.

  15. Expertrus

    Expertrus New Member

    ok thanx write me your phone no
  16. Bank of Richard

    Bank of Richard New Member

    Hello Dimitry,
    Best sending me an e-mail first: [email protected] then we will phone you.

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