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I am new to the property game and looking to get started in the lower eastern block in Europe to begin with... I have established very good contacts on the ground in Croatia & am now looking for funding!

I am currently residing in Finland but I have worked in the UK & hold an Australian & UK passport.

I would love to hear from property gurus, financial advisor's, banks & institutions on how to get funding / Property Development loans for overseas markets such as Croatia... I am aiming to get approximately 150K £ under my belt to begin with and can offer approx 1/5 of that myself. Understanding that many of these markets in developing countries require cash to talk with, any further input on this would be highly regarded - both the type of loan best for me & any experiences that follow!

I would be working remotely (IT & Advertising) to support normal living and relocate to the site/s of development for the period of development & possibly beyond should I choose to hold on to a property and rent it...

All feedback would be highly regarded.


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