Seeing through the gloom, reminding ourselves why we invested.

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It would apear most of us have been preoccupied with doom and gloom so I thought I'd start this thread dedicated to reminding ourselves why we were attracted to invest in Saidia, and to keep the bigger picture in sight.

I'll start off;

1) Despite all the gloom, we are struggling to find any villas for rent next summer in Menorca (apart from in some down market parts)

2) The largest most modern marina in the Med

3) Large sandy beach on site, a rare commodity in the Med, right on the development

4) Renowned touristic companies to operate some (I suspect all) of the LJDF properties

5) The Kings spearhead development of at nationaly important stratergy, into which billions have been poured into infrastructure (even Saidia town looks marekdly better)

6) There are hundreds of millions of potential tourists, and they will find few developments if any with the array of leisure facilities Saidia is to have

7) 3 onsite large golf courses. Ok Polaris world has that but not the marina, beach and so on

8) Stocks and shares are falling out of favour even more now, so property long term has to be abetter bet for most average joes

9) Worldwide reducing interest rates giving people more disposable income and also falling commodity prices in the main

10) Fully managed, hassle free property ownership. None of the never ending hassle I see on individual Menrocan villas we stay at which must really wear the owners down:)
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