Scotland sales agents needed

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Hi All

I have notice that they is a lack of good agents making Bulgaria properties or international properties. I am looking for agents to sell our properties in Bulgaria but can not find any one. If you are a sales agent in Scotland and can help please contact me [email protected]


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I can help you, Im UK based. Please PM me


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Scotland Sales Agents Needed / Platinum Developments, Ireland

May I suggest that you have a serious think before you go ahead and sign any licensing agreement:

Platinum Developments, Ireland, is the now-infamous company that, three years ago, took over the construction of Pomorie Golf & Beach Resort, which was subsequently renamed Sunset Resort.

In so doing, they effectively confiscated from their intended owners those apartments that had already been roughly constructed, resold them at much higher prices, and retained the deposits of the original investors, promising them that they would return the money at the end of the project. Further assurances and reassurances were made during this long three-year period.

It has been proclaimed that the men, who rose from the Emerald Isle, armoured in shining white platinum, are Men of Honour, Decency, Trust and Integrity, but now these very same men have cowardly dispatched a Thracian messenger of irksome manner to announce to the victims of their clandestine acts of three years past that the original investors who opted to have their hard-earned money back will not in fact be doing so, and that there had in fact never been such an option, right from the beginning.

In Pomorie Town Square, may they erect a statue of knights in white platinum mounted on prancing golden steeds boasting the purest of Arabian breed in celebration of these honourable and decent gentlemen.

But, alas, I fear that the rain of revulsion and disgust from all their victims will wash away the platinum whitewash to reveal the true colours of this seemingly majestic statue: the knights in tainted armour long-gone, only the shivering darkness of empty promises enveloping a single, sad old grey horse, born and bred on the scorched plains of ancient Troy, its belly empty, head bowed and eyes lowered in deep, eternal shame.
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