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    Hi guys wonder if you could advise I am looking at the regency towers area and I am wondering if there are any decent schools for british kids in the area mine are 10, 7 5 and 3, cant afford the £6000 a year that some are asking for and the schools can be a english language school that are running the eygptian system

    Can you tell me please how long it takes to drive to Cairo and if the road if reasonable

    thanks in advance
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    There is a German school around the corner from here and I hear the school is very good but not as expensive as El Gouna International.

    Can't for the life of me remember the name but maybe someone on here can help me out.

    There are also a couple following the english curric in Hadaba which are more reasonable
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    Thanks for that info thanks and fees not as bad as I thought, is El Gouna far from regency towers area approx how long by car ?
    where is hadaba ? and how far to travel sorry new to hurgarda and havent yet got hang of geography
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    I've found another school in Hurghada called the French School of Hurghada.

    Prices seem much cheaper then El Gouna, 1700 euros for first child and 1200 for each subsequent child.
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    Scooby have you bought on Regency?
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    no we are seriously considering it, my oh is egyptian and we have bought a villa in solmenia golf on outskirts of cairo (almost ready ) 2 years late completion of villa, and we have serious concerns re moving to cairo ie healthcare, number of road traffic incidents and schools of course british cairo schoolis relocating to 6th October not too far from villa but fees are approx £6 k per child wondering if hurgarda can offer us better quality of life and traffic not as mad as cairo - but can still easy fly to cairo and we can all travel during holidays
    which is why I am asking about schools as major point for us and seems so many british happy with life in Hurgarda so maybe it offers something that cairo doesnt

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    El Gouna will take about a 20 minute drive. There is a school bus that stops near Regency every morning.
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    Hi Scooby,

    I have a friend who teaches in the International school in El Gouna and travels there from Hurghada every day. She's been happy for me to give her phone number to another forum member and I could ask her to do the same for you. She also knows a lot about the other schools in the area too. Like you (and me) her OH is Egyptian too. Seems there's a lot of us about:)
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    hi Isab thanks for thank that me what are the negative points about living in Hurgarda and how does it compare to Cairo is it less crazy
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    Hi Scooby - Hurghada is a much slower pace than Cairo - complety different.

    The drivers are still mad but no where near as much traffic.

    Watch some of the videos here YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. to get an idea.
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    Day Nursery opening in Sharm

    Hi all Sharmers

    There is a new day nursery opening at Delta Sharm on 7th April for children from aged 2 to 10.
    They will offer 3 age groups 7 days a week. From 8am to 5pm 2 groups aged 2 - 4 and from 4 - 6 and from 5pm to 10pm for ages 6 - 10.
    Babysitters available on request. It will be run by professional and dedicated staff. Activities include swimming, sandpit, playground, painting and handicrafts, music, puzzles etc. For the older ones there will be computing, playstation etc.
    All children will be supplied with cooked lunch boxes and drinks. For more info email [email protected]
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    French School in Sharm open day

    Hi to any Sharmers living or currently in Sharm.

    The French school has an open day on 10th April at 4pm. It is in Hadaba next to October school and opposite the football ground.

    St Josephs Internation school also invites you to an arts extravaganza on 11th April between 6 and 8.30pm.
  15. schools

    in hurghada:
    Sant Joseph
    German School
    French School
    Russian School
    Sun Rise School

    and El Gouna School in El Gouna
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    *El Gouna International School: application fee: $1000 per child, not refundable. Reception: $3675, Y1-6: $4200, Y7-9: $4725, Y10-11: $5250, Y12: $6300. Second child: 10% discount, Third: 25% discount. Busfees: LE 2200 per child. Bookfees: rec-Y4: $150, Y5-6: $180, Y7-9: $250, Y10-11: $260. That is the latest information I have for the year 2007-2008.
    I have no information about fees from other schools in Hurghada, but I think they must be cheaper.
    Here are some of the other schools:
    *A new school: Sunrise (I think this is a language school and American system)
    *Rajac, language school, they will start American, but I don't know when.
    *German school
    *French school
    *El Geel el Saed school: language school, mostly Egyptian children.
    *St Joseph school: my children went there, but teachers were not really qualified then (9 years ago)

    So the only school using the British curriculum is the El Gouna school. My children went there, now I am living in Cairo with them, as there is no education for the elder children (19 & 17), they are finishing this year their IGCSE, AS and A level. Next year they will attend (isa) university.
    Also I heard the German school is very good, but elder children already need to speak German.

    I don't like the Egyptian system at all! Children just have to learn what is in the books by memory. Our sons went to the St Joseph school and to the El Gouna language school. Then we switched the children, (also our daughter) to the International section, because the boys couldn't get the mark required for Arabic.

    They can get an exemption for the Arabic, like first year 100%, next year 50% something like that, but I am not sure exactly how much, your husband can ask that at the Ministry of Education. I think they can also be completely exempted for Arabic.

    I don't know if it is possible to go with an Egyptian diploma to university in England, what I do know is that in Europe the American diploma is not good enough for universities.

    If you can afford it, I would recommend the El Gouna school, should you want your children to go to an Egyptian school, than choose the El Geel El Saed school, my German friend's children went there (they moved to Alex, because of university). But make clear, from the beginning, that you don't like physical punishments! Not uncommon in Egypt! although it is not allowed.

    You can find more info about schools if you google for the school in Hurghada.
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    My daughter attended German Schools, (Rudolph Steiner) from the age of 6, both in the UK and elswhere. The standards are superb. GM is correct in stating that older ones need a good level of the language, as the formal education does not really start until the age of 7. By which time the lessons are in German.
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    Cheeky Monkeys

    ...has opened in Hurghada. A large indoor play area and nursery service. There is also a large seated area that has waiter service for parents wanting to stay. Based at Ground floor, Redcon Mall, Sheraton Road, Hurghada, Egypt ( between the Aquafun and Bella Vista hotels )
    It is air conditioned and on two levels which include trampolines, bouncy castle, slides, tv room, soft play toys and much more.
    Run by experianced staff it is open 8am until 8pm. Hot and cold snacks and drinks are served in the adult seating area from midday to 8pm.
    For children 6m to 10 yrs. Entry is 30LE.
    Call (002) 0127 382 332 for price list for nursery.

    The owner is also in the process of opening a 2nd one in El Gouna and when that is up and running a third one at Hurghada Marina.
  20. Are talking about Funky Monkey ?

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