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schoenwald im schwarzland

Discussion in 'German Property' started by johnd2, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. johnd2

    johnd2 New Member

    I have seen a studio apartment in Schoenwald with swimming pool and sauna in apartment block for what seems like a ridiculously low price. HAUSGELD 82 euro a month

    Resident in Ireland - unfamiliar with German property market.

    Anyone who has any thoughts/advice on any aspect of buying property in this area - any info would be appreciated

  2. Lewis

    Lewis New Member

    I've been dealing in Germany for some time now and one of the most common responses I have heard is, "It sounds too good to be true" once they hear a price.
    If you read the posts on other German topics here you will find a wealth of useful advice and the occassional bit of hot air.
    The prices are ridiculously low only by comparison to the Republic, by German standards they may be viewed as still not low enough to attract them to jump in and buy or it would not have been brough to your attention and Herr Scmidt would now be the proud owner.
    Be clear in your mind why you want to buy it - there is no point buying it just because by the standards of your country it appears cheap.
    I have a small (very small) apartment in the Schwarzwald for my own use as a holiday or weekend break destination and rent it out occassionally to help recoup the costs - It is NOT an investment it's one of my bolt holes because I like the area - so for me it makes a perfect purchase.
    Whether yours will be perfect for your requirements is a matter only you can answer.
    But DO NOT act in haste - this is not a once in a lifetime opportunity, German prices are not likely to soar skywards whilst you are doing your homework (they may possibly get lower though!) Most agents can point you toward dozens of similar opportunities on their books.
  3. johnd2

    johnd2 New Member

    Dear Teepeeseller
    Many thanks for your messsage - very sound advice.
    I flew over to have a look and it is a very beautiful area but as you say its not worth buying unless you're going to visit regularly.- Decided not to go ahead at this point.
    Once agAin thanks for sharing the benefit of your experience. Much appreciated.
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