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Sama Dubai..

Discussion in 'Dubai property' started by Jyan, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Jyan

    Jyan New Member

    Any updates about Al khayal Tower one of "Sama Dubai" Projects.. ?!
    any news ???
  2. natpudan

    natpudan New Member

    I am also awaiting news on Al Laylak Tower. Have you got a reminder for the 2nd payment due in dec 2008?
  3. Jyan

    Jyan New Member

  4. loai

    loai New Member

    thsi project is so delayed.. i wonder if its ever gonna get built...
  5. natpudan

    natpudan New Member

    i am in 2 minds. definitely the project is delayed. but if i don't make the 2nd payment, then i would lose my 1st payment. i am in a fix.
  6. loai

    loai New Member

    new law

    well there is a new law coming up that... u should only pay max 20% before they start construction.. my advice is contact the developer and tell them your concerns.. developers are quite lean ant at present with the situation..
  7. natpudan

    natpudan New Member

    there is not 1 responsible person available from SAMA to update on status.

    I read on skyscraper forum a post by IMRE:

    Sama Dubai bankrupt / closed and 10 / 12 projects cancelled.

    If anyone has further info please update.
  8. memo123

    memo123 Member

    Sama Dubai cancelled a project in Bahrain worth billions after finishing 30% of the work , contractors in Bahrain lost millions. So dont be surprised if they cancelled the project without telling you . THE BEST IS YET TO COME
  9. Investoman_uae

    Investoman_uae New Member

    I think you guys can get some updates from this site.... it talks about SAMA Dubai's cancellation of the Bahrain project too.

    Everything about sama dubai - Yahoo! Glue

    The big developers are struggling at the moment because they bit more than they can chew. Hang in there everybody....

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