Saidia - VVT-6 Villa's

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The new release of Villa on Saidia were released a couple of hours ago, plot is VVT-6 its close to the beach, next to a golf course & behind all the sporting facilities.

2 Bed Villa's starting at aprox £162,000.
3 Bed Villa's starting at aprox £236,000.

If anyone is seriously interested I suggest you act asap, in the past units on the other plots have been snapped up within hours of being released & I anticipate the same happening with these.

Any questions feel free to contact me, ive brochure, plans, availability. ( [email protected] )


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Saidia - Northern morocco - Potential nightmare

I heard from a good source today there is going to be big problems with humidity in the product near to the sea in northern morocco, the properties are going to be very affected by humidity and age and decay very quickly. This is an alarm bell for any one bought on the Saidia med sites and other northern moroccon sites.
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