Saidia Marina

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Ayone got any news on the marina berths at Saidia. I remember reserving long ago but have heard nothing for over 2 years now. ANy info would be great.


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I considered one of these berths but Fadesa would not answer even the most basic investor questions so I declined.

My gut feel is they will be a valuable commodity, but as an investor I needed to know exactly what was what, for example what is the renewal payment on the expiry of the 20 year lease?

If you find anything out, post it here, because I for one will be interested.


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I always thought the Marina Berth lease was for 60 years, but as Moroccan Law doesnt allow 60 year leases, Fadesa split it into 3x 20 year leases.

Now as far as im aware, Fadesa wont be re-charging for the 3x leases, but after everything that has happened so far (VAT raises etc),I wouldnt guarantee that.

In terms of investment though, I think this was a phenomenal opportunity, if compared to any other Med based marina prices.
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