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Saidia- Completion Concerns

Discussion in 'Morocco Property' started by leemar, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. leemar

    leemar New Member

    Hi All,

    Further to my post earlier this week, I just wanted to make some general points regarding completion logistics as I am concerned that Addoha may repeat the approach previously taken in terms of pressurising buyer's to complete on properties which are not in an acceptable condition. I hope we can all work together and reach a consensus that completion should occur broadly as follows:

    1. Formal written notification by Addoha that our units are ready for completion;

    This should be accompanied by extensive photographic evidence of our own individual properties which indicate that at least the property appears to be an acceptable condition for handover. We can then all hopefully avoid the time and expense involved of making any premature trips to Saidia. If Addoha are not prepared to provide such photographic evidence, I note that Shani has said that she would provide this service and in some ways perhaps independent photos would be more accurate in any event.

    2. Physical inspection/survey of the property;

    For me, Addoha must grant access to myself and more importantly my surveyor in order to conduct a full survey of the property. From my own recent inspection trip to Saidia, I think that unfortunately it is extremely unlikely that such a survey will not uncover numerous defects which will need remedying by Addoha before I am comfortable even considering proceeding to completion.

    3. Post survey remedial work;

    Following the survey of the property, a suitable timeframe will need to be agreed with Addoha in which they must remedy any defects indentified by buyer's and their surveyor's. This will of course depend on the extent of any remedial work which is identified by buyer's and their surveyors.

    4. Formal notification by Addoha that any remedial work has been completed.

    5. Review of remedial work carried out by Addoha;

    I will need to satisfy myself that Addoha have implemented any recommendations made by my surveyor and myself before finally proceeding to complete.

    I will only be prepared to complete if Addoha broadly follow the above guidelines which should not present them with too many problems. What I am certain of is that I will not be bullied into completing until I am absolutely confident that the build quality of my own apartment is verified by an independent third party and any defects uncovered are remedied in so far as is possible by Addoha. If defects are uncovered by my surveyor which can not be remedied then I will either pull out altogether or else seek a price reduction from Addoha in recognition of any defects.

    I hope that we can all take a similar stance with regard to completion logistics as in the present climate Addoha need our remaining balance of 60% just as much as we all want our apartments completed to a satisfactory standard.
  2. harvyv

    harvyv New Member

    New joiner

    Hi All,

    Just joined this forum. I have an apartment in Saidia & am in the same boat as everyone else, paid staged deposits & am just in limbo at the moment.

    How many people are who are waiting to complete, but getting no-where with snagging and follow up ?
  3. luteragzfer

    luteragzfer New Member

    Searching for Mike Mossberg

    Mike Mossberg, I know you reading this forum, please contact me, because I can't find your contact details.
  4. barry.flash

    barry.flash New Member

    Hi Leemar

    Just joined.

    I too am buying on the Greens.

    Getting very nervous about the handover request I've just received - and would like to know how you are getting on.

    Hopefully I'll be able to contact you directly to compare notes. (I have yet to navigate my way around this forum)

    Any reply gratefully rec'd
  5. marocfan

    marocfan New Member


    we are having the same problem with addoha in agadir

    they called us to say the keys were ready, we paid for the flights and the hotel only to find out it was at least three months away from being ready. only received an apology, nothing else.

    Does anyone have any advice? any advice would be much appreciated

    many thanks
  6. leemar

    leemar New Member


    I would say that as a minimum you should factor in the costs you incurred due to Adoha's wrongful notice that your property was ready to be handed over into a discount from the final purchase price.

  7. marocfan

    marocfan New Member

    addoha agadir- late completion

    Thank you,

    We will do our best but the addoha reps seemed to be blaming it on headoffice and saying headoffice is ignoring them. Only levy we have is that they only have our initial 20% deposit. I think we will stick by unless they compensate us they wont get the rest even if the apartment is ready.

    It annoys me so much that a company charging almost european prices cant have a european style complaints procedure in place!!!

    Have you guys in saida managed to achieve anything with addoha yet?!
  8. Mr Ri

    Mr Ri New Member

    Leemar & Marocfan

    Have Addoha or Group Fadesa Maroc provided you with copy of the habitation license for the properties in advance of inviting you to complete?

    Or put another way - Would only agreeing to complete on your property after seeing the habitation licence be one way that you could verify that the property is finished before making arrangements to travel to Saidia for snagging/completion?

    Just a thought
  9. barry.flash

    barry.flash New Member

    Hi all

    (sorry to hear your story marocfan)
    I will be talking to my agent this week who is pressuring me to arrange flights for final pay't, snagging and completion.

    I will ask about the habitation license (thanks Mr Ri) but is it a legal requirement? (I confess my ignorance).

    willpost an update on the response I receive.

  10. SVinSaidia

    SVinSaidia New Member

    Hi there
    Just to advise there is a company 'on the ground' in Med-Saidia. Take a look at Saidia Holiday Rentals( .)com for more information. There is a new, improved and more in-depth website coming in a week or so. Just in case you're in need of some unbiased, fresh off the press information.
  11. leemar

    leemar New Member

    Addoha/GFM have not yet invited me to complete, although I know of some buyers on RT1 that have been contacted about completion. I'm quite certain that Addoha/GFM won't have supplied the habitation licence to anyone that they have been in contact with though.

    Moroccan Structural Surveys will be doing a full structural survey of my property in September in any event. This will determine how I proceed with this investment.
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