Sahl Hasheesh Versus Hurghada. Vote For The Best Investment

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Sahl Hasheesh versus Hurghada

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by haf63, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. haf63

    haf63 New Member

    I'm looking to invest in an apartment in egypt and have read a fair bit of negative comments on hurghada with many folks suggesting shal hasheesh is a better long term investment - though more expensive. any comments?
  2. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    Ladbrokes would be gobsmacked!

    I was just having my vote in your poll, and thought the results would show at least a five-to-one return in favour of Sahl Hasheesh.

    Couldn´t believe it when it came up 6-4 in favour of Hurghada.:eek:

    Sure, it´s a nice place, but Sahl is the resort in Egypt. It´s Marbella v Torremolinos or Med Saidia v Tanjah Beach. It´s a Derby winner v the horse that pulls the milk float!

    Maybe by tomorrow the poll will have righted itself, but, to be an investment, you need to have an exit strategy - other than price does Hurghada have one? If that price goes up (because you want to make a profit on your investment) doesn´t it knock out the exit strategy?

    Think about it and come back and vote again!
  3. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Thanks to Bob for adding the poll but the early results defy belief! As Andy said its like comparing a racehorse with a carthorse! Have the people voting for Hurghada ever been to Sahl Hasheesh?
    Where you buy depends on your budget but from an Investor's viewpoint Sahl wins hands down.
  4. orosurf

    orosurf New Member

    I'm not sure that polling on Sahl Hasheesh or Hurghada is entirely fair.For a start there is rather more of Hurghada.It is also probable that there will always be more people investing at the lower end of the market.
    Hopefully anyone reading will realise this and see that the poll is ridiculous.

    My advice is to visit both places before you decide.

    I have ,and Sahl Hasheesh gets my vote.
  5. dave2u

    dave2u New Member

    its all down to budget if you only have about £20000 to spend on a 1 bed in the tourist area say regency towers british resort dessert pearl i would say they are good investments not much pressure to rent at this price or rents will be in balance say £65/75 per week. however sahl is a different investment beach front yes but 3 times the price as there are no mortgages avaiable if you have the cash thats ok if you are lending then you need to rent to make it work.in the short term this may not work untill sahl in completed which as far as i know may be a few years away.so whatever you buy theres nothing stopping me getting a taxi down to sahl and spending the day in the resort we hope it will be and i am sure many will be coming to hurghada remember its the same sun lets all enjoy it
  6. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    I absolutely agree; if you have the budget for Sahl it will be a great investment, not for a quick profit but to hold until the resort is complete. If you don't have that sort of cash Hurghada is fine; Egypt is a great destination and, as you say, its the same sun! They are two quite different & distinct markets.
  7. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    But there are mortgages available ......

    You can buy on The Pearl at Sahl Hasheesh and Sunset Pearl (and a handful of WWD places in Hurghada) with 40% deposit and 60% finance. The very best one bedroom apartments on Sahl will only require a £25.680 deposit. Like Peter says, visit both locations before deciding - Then come back and vote!!!
  8. haf63

    haf63 New Member

    wow, i'm amazed at the quick replies and as 'low cost' isn't a huge priority for me i'm leaning towards sahl hasheesh at the moment. appreciate the comments from you all
  9. andyk2

    andyk2 New Member

    Ladbrokes will be breathing a sigh of relief.

    So, the world has not gone mad! Seen the current poll and SH has taken the lead. Class always shows!

    Andy :D
  10. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Silly poll

    The only sensible comment to make is that this poll should be pulled as being a chalk and cheese comparison, and is only giving more opportunties for interested parties to "promote" Sahl Hashseesh.
  11. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    'New Developer in Hurghada'

    No surprise there then!! Don't tell me, I bet you voted for Sahl Hasheesh!!!
  12. Mikeyv

    Mikeyv New Member

    They are both good investments and both completely different investments!!!

    weigh up the area i can buy 3 apartments for the same price as 1 in Sahl Hasheesh will Sahl Hasheesh get 3x rental of Hurghada???

  13. --2cents

    --2cents New Member

    I was tempted to vote for Hurghada but stopped as i havent been to sehl. Would love to know feedback on whats attractive about sehl, apart from the obvious luxury being added there. I mean does Hurghada not have more culture, people, more tradition, as well as teh beaches...I get the impression of Sehl as a nice beach resort but without the people and culture. Maybe someone can give a review of the place?
  14. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Views on Sahl and Hurghada

    Peter will, I'm sure, just have to "have a go at me" (and everyone else that has anything bad to say about Sahl), but I think that this is a much less biased view than he would give.

    Sahl is not, and never will be Egypt. It is not supposed to be Egypt so do't go there expecting any "culture" - it is a pure toruist resort, and it looks to me as thought it will be pretty good in that role. It has a really nice pedsterian sea front prom which you will not find in Hurghada (although the Arabia area of Hurghada may have something similar soon). EVERYTHING in Sahl is new and built to a high standard. Hurghada is a really mixed bag from absolutelty the worst of Egypt to some of the best hotels / apartments anywhere in the world.
    The beach in Sahl will most likely be accessible by all since it is "open" rather than private, but that assumes that you actually "live" there so it is sort of private. The beach in Sahl will not be natural but I assume it will get covered with better quality sand. Beaches in Hurghada vary from really course sand to superb soft and golden.
    The older parts of Hurghada, with the "culture", is not really somewhere that you would wish to live but is great for visiting and night life. Some of the hotels and apartments need re-furbs. The newer parts on the outskirts of Hurghada are much better, with some parts approaching the standards in Sahl.
    There is already a new marina in Hurghada but it will never be as upmarket as the one planned for Sahl.

    There is a golf course in El Gouna already but it may not be as good or extensive as those planned for Sahl, but maybe "non-Sahls" will be allowed entry anyway.

    For a non-egyptian holiday in Egypt, Sahl has to be favourite. You will have the artificial new Egyptian stuff, hardly any Egyptians, lots of different nationals, great holiday facilities (eventually), a purpose build road layout, well organised everything. Hurghada will always be a mis-mash of the good and the bad (so choose carefully).

    Value for money - it is impossible to give an objective view unless you pick two specific properties and a specific set of requirements that an owner is looking for.
    There is no doubt that Sahl is MUCH more expensive because of all the infrastructure that has to be paid for, and the high selling costs that every buyer has to pay for - but once you've paid then in theory you have something that is increasing in value, assuming that you can re-sell it.
    If you are looking for a first investment in Egypt then forget the EXPENSIVE options - try some of the cheaper locations in the newer parts of Hurghada. Forget anything in "Egyptian areas" unless you really know what to expect from your local neighbours.
    If you do not feel that £80,000 upwards is a lot to pay for a 2 bed apartment (example) then I would opt for Sahl or El Gouna. If you are looking at between £15,000 and £50,000 the newer parts of Hurghada are acceptable if you do not need to be "insulated" from the real Egypt (NOT that Hurghada is real Egypt, it's just a few steps closer than Sahl and El Gouna).

    If you simply compare one apartment in Sahl with the same size unit in one of the better parts of Hurghada, then only an idiot would pay two or three times the price, so you really need to decide whether or not the "infrastructure" and the insulation factor (keep all the locals and "value hungry" Brits out that means) is worth the hugh difference in cost.

    You have NO OPTION - if you really have the money to spend you HAVE TO take a good long look at both options - NOT a quick look around - see if anyone is renting in Sahl and stay there for a week - maybe Peter can help with this - likewise for Hurghada or El Gouna.

    Good Luck.
  15. --2cents

    --2cents New Member

    Thats a great response! pretty much re-inforces what I had in mind, i personally prefer the mix of culture, hustle bustle and the beach...

  16. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Nigel is missing one crucial point in an otherwise comprehensive summary. Many people visiting the Red Sea for their two or three weeks in the sun do not want to take the risk of dodgy food and the associated tummy problems that go with it. One of the best ways to avoid this is by opting for a top hotel or a top destination like Makadi Bay, El Gouna or Sahl Hasheesh. Downtown Hurghada is great for a visit but except for the newer bits you take your chances with so many things. There is no 'one product suits all' but for me I am prepared to pay for quality and security.
  17. dave99

    dave99 New Member

    Hurghada is many different things


    If you're still looking for guidance send me a Private mail through the forum since I'd prefer not to get into this tit for tat from other senior forum members.
  18. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    It's not a question of 'tit for tat' Nigel; it's the correct procedure. If you want people to contact you for information on your project then use the PM process and the Premium section for advertising. The Forum is for information not for pitching clients. You contribute some really great info but try and stay within the rules - it won't do your business any harm at all. Oh, and by the way whats all this about you upsetting Egyptians by making 'racist' comments!
  19. Elspeth Chalmers

    Elspeth Chalmers New Member

    The reason behind the poll defying belief is that you can make higher capital gains on the properties in Hurghada than in the resort of Sahl Hasheesh. A typical two bedroom apartment in Hurghada can start from 15,000 sterling upwards depending on where and who is developing it. The expensive areas like EL Gouna are manufactured and the prices are inflated, El Gouna is not really Egypt it is like living in Spain.

    Sahl Hasheesh will follow this line and to that end I would choose Hurghada for investment over Sahl Hasheesh anytime........:eek:
  20. Peter Mitry

    Peter Mitry <B>Egypt Forum Founder Member</B>

    Hi Elspeth
    If I were looking to relocate to Hurghada then I would certainly look at the better areas of the town to buy a villa plot, particularly close to the beach. Resorts like Sahl, El Gouna and Gamsha will always have their following with Investors who see their ultimate market being the millions of tourists expected to visit the Red Sea as opposed to the genuine Lifestyle buyers who may not like the artificiality of living every day in a resort area. For pure investment I would always back the resorts and always front line beach.
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