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Sahl Hasheesh Paradise Gardens

Have noticed through the comments of some agents that they consider the attractive prices of Paradise Gardens as an indication of a lower product in comparison to the more expensive projects they are promoting . So I wanted to clarify the following :

1) The developer of Paradise Gardens are the Pyramisa Group which are the developers of several 5 star hotels in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh and in Sahl Hasheesh. None of the other developers are hoteliers. So it is not just a residential compound , it is a fully serviced compound with housekeeping services , maintenance services , security, restaurant , bar, shops ..etc.

2) The fact that the resort has been designed with 5 floor buildings on only 18% of the land , brings down the cost of construction per unit in comparison to the competition who consumes more land with 2 or 3 floor buildings, so the developer passes this cost effective benefit to the buyers .

3) The developer of Paradise Gardens has already started construction and is moving very fast as the cost of construction in Egypt goes up every day . So again , with the financial power of the developer to build so fast , he can control the cost and to offer a competitive selling price to the buyers. Other developers are only selling off plan and start construction after they have collected the money from the buyers to finance the construction. So they include in their price the projected increase in the cost of construction during the projected construction period of normally 3 years and adds this cost on their price . So the buyer is being penalised by the fact that the developer doesn't have the financial resources to construct the project until it has been sold first .

3) Another very important point of comparison that is overlooked by the agents and the buyers, they all focus on the price/m2 in each project for comparison , however, they don't really ask what does the area of the unit represent exactly ? Each developer calculates the area of the unit in a different way. Some add 10% to 25% communal areas in the published area of the unit. This always causes disappointment upon completion as the buyer feels that he has been misleaded . In Paradise Gardens, you only pay for the exact area of your unit , no communal areas added on the area of the unit , no hidden surprises.

Just wanted to clarify to the buyers why Paradise Gardens have a better location , better facilities , backed by an experienced and powerful developer, 10 years owner club and still be able to offer the most competitive prices in Sahl Hasheesh.




Thank you George for your advice, only just seen your message! ;-) Sorry for the delay in replying.
ou welcome any time, and sorry for late respond I wasn't able to access here :)

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Azzurra Development has a 1.3 KM frontage on the Red Sea, and a wrap around golf courses. The project encompass 660 sea view units, Located on one of the highest points on Sahl Hasheesh , Seated on an elevated cliff above the Red Sea, starting from 23m to 45m above sea level.

Azzurra’s architectural design by Ramy El Dahan and Alfredo Freda, Ramy El Dahan is very Ramy El Dahan it is elegant & chic; blending traditional, oriental and contemporary styles.

As a result of this marvelous Architecture, The 660 sea view units in Azzurra are completely different in Architectural design, Main elevation & Size, each unit is one of a kind and each item used in finishing specifications used is the highest quality in the market.

Azzurra is owned by: Prime Estates International. Partners: Allamsons Group, is now among the leading Developers in the Egyptian market. Mr. Wesam Emara (12 years of extensive experience in the local real estate market.) and Mr. Fady Iskandar (former VP. Of Orascom hotels and development).

project completion date 2010
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