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Sahl Hasheesh - Paradise Gardens/Azzura etc

Discussion in 'Egypt property' started by lyndsay552, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. lyndsay552

    lyndsay552 New Member

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  2. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    Veranda Sahl Hasheeh

    To everyone on the forum, I have now officially ended my employment with SPS, the egytptian master agent for Veranda. I am now freelance again in Hurghada. If anyone has any questions on Veranda, and Sahl Hasheesh in general I will be always happy to answer any queries.

    kindest regards

    Ross Donaldson
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  3. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi Ross and welcome to the forum. I have merged your thread with the existing one on this development. Please can you read the rules of the forum and here and you can become a premium member here and refrain from asking forum members to contact you as this is against the rules as you are an agent.

    Kind regards

  4. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    to my clients

    well by freelance i mean i am on holiday! ie not working at the moment. to the clients who have bought through me and want to get in touch, maybe try face booking me..or getting my email from my profile..of course i am always available and veranda is a very good purchase still.
  5. putneypj

    putneypj New Member

    What's better to buy on? Paradise Gardens or Veranda Development? in Sahl Hasheesh

    Please advise.
    I've been looking up on forums and seeking advice, on which is going to be the best resort to buy on, out of the following: Paradise Gardens and Veranda. Paradise Gardens is alot closer to the beach, but i was told today by a freelance agent, that Veranda is built to a much higher standard. Not sure if he has a reason for saying this, or if it is the truth. Any ideas anyone??? Also would a one bed give a much better return than a studio? I'm far from rich but would stretch to a one bed if the hype about Sahl Hasheesh is all going to come true. Thanks everyone and anyone who helps.
  6. queenie40something

    queenie40something Senior Member

    Hi - at the moment as the 3 threads are all small and refer to Sahl I have merged them altogether. If any specific development expands we will seperate them.

  7. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Hi PutneyPJ

    I think both look lovely developments, so sure you wouldn't be disappointed with either. The gardens and pools look very nice for both developments. As you say Paradise Gardens is closer to the beach, so if thats important to you I'd go for that one. However, it sounds like Verandah will have fab views of the bay, so if you're after a view I'd consider that. Prices on Paradise Gardens certainly for 1/2 beds were cheaper when I last checked, than Verandah. Also lots of developers claim that their development is being built to a higher standard than anyone elses, but until they've finished the project or unless they can show you something finished, I'd be a bit cautious. Certainly images in many of the glossy brochures produced by developers worldwide do not accurately reflect the finishings you actually get!!
    With regard to a studio or 1 bedroom, I certainly would opt for a 1 bed if I could afford it - as it gives you more flexibility. Mind you studios on some developments in Egypt are actually more like an "open plan" one bedroom apartment, with a permanent space for the bed and not like the studios we have in the UK where you have to pull the bed down. I'd be happier to consider a studio if that was the case. As I say, both look stunning and whatever you go for will be great. Hope that helps a bit.
  8. Hello
    I think from the off plan designs and layout, you can see that Verdana Designs are much beter than Paradise gardens, its up to you as Paradise Garden has the cheapest units in sahl Hasheesh, and Verdana more expensive so this give you idea, so depends on your budget and how much you can stretch your self for 1 bed unit at the end, but i recommend you to visit both locatioins of both projects, and then decide
  9. putneypj

    putneypj New Member

    Thank you Distant dreamer and also thank you George. I've been considering my budget, and feel that unfortunately a studio is probably my safest bet. Still undecided on which developmentbut i need to decide today i think, as the prices are due to increase. Although you say the Veranda plan is slightly better, do you think that Paradise Gardens location (nearer to the beach), would make the price increase more? for when looking to sell in the future. I've also seen that a developer Superior (Resort Alliance)?, went into Administration which is worrying me a little. And also i've read that along the coast there are loads of developments that are unfinished, due to money running out. Is there much chance of this happening in Sahl Hasheesh? Thanks so much again for the advice.
  10. distant dreamer

    distant dreamer New Member

    Hi again,

    Superior were the agents who went into administration. They were selling beachfront properties El Andalous, Palm Beach Piazza and Ocean Breeze, marketed through Resort Alliance. Resort Alliance are certainly still in business and ceased working with Superior prior to the problems. All the contracts are direct with the actual developers and not the agents, so no developments in Sahl Hasheesh have been affected by Superior going into administration. Sahl Hasheesh has a master plan for the entire development and work on the infrastructure etc has been going on for many years, prior to most people even hearing of the place. I'm sure there won't be problems like in Hurghada as there are high profile people involved in the development and this would be the last thing they'd want to happen.

    I think Paradise Gardens prices went up the other week, not sure about Verandah. Personally I think the closer to the beach the better, thats why I've purchased on El Andalous. If you're considering purchasing on Verandah check where the beach club is as only the frontline developments have their own private beaches, along with the hotels. Everyone else as far as I'm aware will have access to the public beach. Ross who posts on here should be able to answer any questiions as he worked for Verandah until recently.

  11. putneypj

    putneypj New Member

    Thank you Distant dreamer, you're so very helpful. Have a great week! ;-) Cheers
  12. Deae Putneypj,
    I think at the end all will depend on your budget but if you looking to a unit to be resell easily I think I would go for El Andalous as distant dreamer said, Palm BEach Piazza which have resale units already :) as buyers from year ago have 100% profit :) , also Ocean Breeze, but if your budget is limited go for Paradise Garden its located direct behind the main road between the projects for Sahl and you cross the road to go to the public beach, but you are surrounded with Golf Courses.
    May be you should come and see it your self, I think in sahl they organize free tours for projects so one day of your holiday if you come will save you alot :)
  13. kalos

    kalos New Member

    Paradise Gardens

    Hi Putneypj,

    Having just returned form Paradise Gardens i can tell you it is a stunning location.

    It is a little over 100m to the beach fromt he nearest point and pretty much every front faicng apartment on the second floor and above will have sea views.

    In terms of quality and the security of your money - well the LTI Pyramisa Hotel , is built by the same company and is absolutley stunning - if you want pics of the interior of that building PM me with an emial address. And the developer is worth $750 million so not about to run off anywhere.

    Veranda is too far back in my opinion and this bit about golf buggies taking you to the beach is a bit fanciful I feel - 600 + units - how many buggies is that going to need to service everyone?..and getting back after a long day at the beach?

    Resale value almost always favours nearer the beach so I'd beware of going 500m back. Imagine dragging any kids back after a day sunbathing.
  14. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    what is better?

    I chose Veranda on quality, the developer and architect is one of Egypt's most respected men in our game. He has built 5 star hotels, including Accor, Satrawood, Hilton, and rather than being a local developer done well, the developer of Veranda is a real 5 star luxury builder.

    The studios are a steal, and the 60m2 rooftop terrace option with built in barbecue, sitting area and pergola are proving to be a real deal clincher with buyers seeeking exit strategy.

    although further away from the beach than others, people who visit the site are always taken with the stunning view, as the plot is elevated 27m above sea level. Also the villas on Veranda are priced up to £500k, so if you are thinking of buying into a top end resort Veranda is one of the only ones this top end. Remenber the finish on the studios will be the same quality as the villas and the facilities are designed to compliment these high end luxury properties as well as the studios. We have only 12 studios on phase C, so again much better than being 1 in 12 than one in 600!

    also living here in hurghada, a bit of advice! being in an apartment block near a hotel is not so nice..they play there music LOUD until well past two in the morning most the more exclusive golf areas are more desirable for the relaxing, spa holiday...

    The golf buggies will run free all day to ferry people the short ride to the beach and back, considering the journey takes a couple of minutes, no one will have to wait too long to be picked up.

    I think Veranda will rise to be the top choice..after all, it has been designed to be the most up market, and beautifully designed resort on Sahl..don't worry about it being snobby or anything..I promise you that everyone who has chosen Veranda so far are lovely relaxed people!
  15. Thanks Ross for The info its goodyou joined us as you are the expert in this project and know it better than anyone
  16. Lsab

    Lsab New Member

    Thanks for the info Ross and as the information was asked for, can I just clarify that the Overseas Property For Sale link is located at the top of the page.
  17. rossantony

    rossantony New Member

    sahl hasheesh master plan

    The master plan for sahl hasheesh is also on the veranda post in the property for sales section, as well as a full spec and run down of facilities.

    currently there are plans for 46 hotels, plus new develepments of villas, and apartments and amenities coming on line all the time. The golf courses, are being designed by kurt rossknecht, a german course designer. There will be an entertainment area, with proposed casino and cinema. On the plot next to Veranda. There is extremely limited amount of beach front apartments, especially with sea views, as most beach front is given to hotels.

    There are public beach areas, and all manner of watersports will be available

    jet skis, water ski, diving, windsurf, parasailing etc...

    The marina is called serrenia, please find and follow the serrenia thread on this site where i have just posted up some new press releases. The marina is scheduled for 2011, and is has been designed by Lord Norman Foster Associates. There will be a private airport and helipad, plus golf course and racing track for hi-performance cars. I have pictures of the design and it is 25th Century! A lot of UK buyers question if the market can afford Serrenia, however as a local now to Hurghada, I can tell you there is a big summer scene here for visiting gulf arabs, who come to Egypt to let their hair down and drink and party, pleasures they cannot enjoy back home. These visitors have oodles of $doodles.

    The most important news so far of late is that a new boss has been elected to run ERC and Sahl Hasheesh. Owners might have noticed the new sign on arrival, the new green grass everywhere, the new trees, landscaping, and teams of workers, keeping the whole site clean and looking much more like the 5 star resort community it has set out to be.

    The Hotels that are close to opening, and the Plaza are hoping to be open early this summer.

    kind regards

  18. Alan01

    Alan01 New Member

    Hi Lyndsay, I'm not sure if you are still looking, but you might be interested to know that Dishdaba is just about to be launched at Sahl Hasheesh. This is on plot 102 just behind the Old Town. It is a development of Villas and Apartments, although most of the villas in phase 1 are now reserved. The properties are available in two designs - Tunisian and Moroccan, and look traditional with domes etc. Dishdaba includes its own Souk and has apartments available in the Souk that should be great for people who like to live right in the heart of the action. There are quieter apartments available as well, on the highest point of the development, which is approx 50m above sea level. As Dishdaba is a tiered resort, set out on the slopes leading up to the golf course, all properties should get superb views over the Sahl Hasheesh bay. Price for all properties are GBP1000 per sqm, but we have discounts available for a short time. The full price list will be released as soon as the final plans/licences have been approved.
  19. Alan01

    Alan01 New Member

    I have received an e-mail from the Paradise Gardens developers stating they have changed the design of some of their apartments. A few of the three bedroom apartments have beed changed to two one bedroom apartments.
  20. kia11

    kia11 New Member

    Azzurra project Sahl ? company info etc..

    Hello everyone, is there anyone already bought in this new off- plan complex? Any kind of informations about the Azzurra Sahl Hasheesh project itself, location, Company structure, developer, building skedule,etc.etc.
    Any feedback please anyone?
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